Loyalty – To Live life without Rose colored glasses

It is said that loyalty is one of life’s most costly qualities.  This trait Loyalty is the most humble, true, heartbreaking part of Love, in any Love.  If you are loyal to a job, you stay through the promotions that should have been yours.  You put up with bosses that treat you as is you just got off the turnip truck (no negative meant to anyone).  Loyalty is a personality trait that I believe is a Glorious gift from God. If you have it you are blessed though you can be hurt often. If you do feel loyalty as a trait in yourself that you would like and you desire to obtain it; ask God. Ask God to open you eyes to the small gestures a person makes when they are loyal to another.  You will see they never put themselves first, they let other go before them, they always let their loved ones have the first, warmest, nicest …. I have seen this is in two examples, one from my bible NIV, and the other from my life:

1) Jonathan was David‘s best friend. He depended on God and never put his personal well-being before those of who he loved. – This intense unwavering loyalty caused him great pain.

2) Loyalty to His Disciples; Jesus, did you ever notice Jesus Prayed, he prayed out loud in places of destruction, war, unnerved crowds.  Jesus prayed while touching others, encouraged others to touch join hands speak from their heart where God lives. That is Loyalty to those He paid the ultimate cost for.

2) Marriage – any marriage that has lasted the test of time, whatever time you put on that. Just watch them. Watch how they love each other in-spite of financial hardships, a death in the family, illness.  Any of these items can tear a relationship apart day by day, eroding the blessing that was growing when they gave their lives to each other. When I gave my life to my Spouse my loyalty was raw it was new as was God.  I had come back to my creator only months before and was on fire for God.  My spouse asked for nothing but my love and loyalty.  The first night we talked about taking our relationship to the next level to place bonds of love around each others finger we said one thing. Neither of us would marry if the Divorce word was on the table.  That simple act of common devotion, love strong enough to learn when we didn’t understand. After all when we married it was not just us but three;  My Spouse, myself and our Savior. That knowledge of a marriage of three let us grow – when one of us came upon a rock a wall that caused doubt. The knees were our refuge and Loyalty let us hurt, feel battered and come through stronger. More in love than before.  That loyalty is being shown in full glory right now. Regardless of my life circumstances, My Love stands by me, and I to him. There is not one side to an illness that creates major upheaval in a family, each person must find a way with the guidance of God to overcome that battle. My Spouse has to overcome the lack of his partner, the spontaneity, the laughter, running and many more things. We used to watch NCIS together every Tuesday night after the kids went to bed it was recorded. – “Date night” – A friend told me once, don’t expect your Love to change a behavior, rather pray that God can change you, so that item becomes something you no longer are bothered by, but something you learn to enjoy. – We know this is a place a learning cycle, we will be back to date night before you know it – Me the optimist.

1-2) We learn from Jonathan that to have strong courage you Must have Loyalty. When you have Loyalty in your heart and towards another person, God will always put that relationship into perspective. Like my spouse and I learning to give, Trust God with our Marriage, letting God be first, showing the way to a stronger bond. Marriage – Love of a man and a woman is a strong “Loyalty” to each other, God, the bond of Marriage itself.

I know I am Blessed, and I am blessed to know others that know this and live it out for over 25 years, sometimes 10, 7.  The length doesn’t matter if you see the  Love in the eyes of the couple. – Johnathan loved David more than himself and tat caused Him pain, I think he would have never changed. Today my spouse did one little thing that showed me how much he Loves me –  ay the Loyalty we came together with and that God flourishes never faint.

I noticed that some people think One’s love for God is not a “I Got Saved” its time to walk in the park.  I feel sad for those who are taught that Faith and a relationship with God is on their time, on their terms and that the only responsibility as a christian is to Host a dinner, show up early to church a couple of times to set something up.  Make a phone call tree and make sure to list the people who need to be prayed for, Loyalty can be there for them in the Blink of an eye – Jesus is waiting, just ask.

I learned through my bible study and a study into my marriage, Loyalty is not always an action, but rather a feeling of the heart file with God, to out others before yourself – Isn’t that what he came to say, the greatest of these is Love. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love – Loyalty – God,

Amen and thank you for that today God.


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