I used to think that life was mostly green pasture with an occasional dark valley along the way, but now I realize it’s the other way around. There   of surprising Joy, but much of life is a vale of tears. Life is difficult. ” The world is painful in any case; but it was quiet unbearable if anybody gives us the idea we are meant to be liking it,” – Charles William

It is a day that makes most days seem dry – the house is coming together, my heart smiles.  My babies all three are healthy and happy.  My husband and his/my Uncle are working well and soon the things that are out of control will find themselves back where they need to be.

We are headed to the conference, with high hopes that the person we need will be there.  I know God will make a path for us.  He has been making our path a little less bumpy lately.

I took a fall in the bathroom last week and a couple earlier – I have made a pact that I will continue to get stronger and work hard at staying upright.

God gives us one life to live  – I plan to LOVE, LAUGH, and Celebrate JOY – My family my husband’s family and my close friends   – even some I have not met – make this journey amazing.  Finding the little things, for without hope …….


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