MomPact and Boogie Wipes Happy non-Holidays #SSGiving Event!

Have you heard about the Happy non-Holidays! going on with Mompact Summer Spirit of Giving Event? Boogie Wipes is sponsoring a number of events to share Peace, Joy and Hope to Moms everywhere! Their was and amazing Twitter party that was held from 1-2 PST or 4 EST on 8/13. It was a great time where there were in-depth discussions about what warms your heart, how to share kindness in ways you might not have thought of before. Ways to get involved in sharing Hope and oh did I mention they gave away Lot’s of PRIZES!! So hop on over to Summer of Giving and see what amazing things have taken place and that are still happening as we speak.  The Twitter party was so well attended that the stream of feed on the twitter-board was faster that the human eye could keep up!!! Go #SSGiving!  I knew that the concept of sharing Kindness, Peace, Hope and Joy is one that is embraced by Mothers everywhere.  Seeing Moms in action tacking the time to share ideas and thoughts about how best to share Hope, Peace and Joy was personally uplifting!!  Wonderful ideas.  Huge thank you to those sponsors who made the Twitter Prizes possible!!  


This is the Summer of Giving ‪#‎SSGiving‬ and it is about so much more than you and I, it is about Hope, Peace and Joy things we might take for granted. Mompact is connected with an amazing amount of sponsors that are joining in the celebration. Take a look at to see the 40+ sponsors that are providing gifts to Moms out their who need Hope, Peace and Joy! These amazing Business Owners are providing items that were given away during the Twitter party that afternoon! You don’t want to miss the amazing sponsors.  Take a moment just to look at the links to the sponsors, they are some of the most amazing Mom invented product, and products that I can say with all honesty Moms NEED!!   Enjoy the #SSGiving Summer Event and take a moment to check out these amazing sponsors: Boogiewipes, Spin Kindness Kandoo, Amadora Designed Concepts Baby Dipper, BinxyBaby, SBaby elephant ears, Buglet – Oil Diffusing, All Natural Bug Repellent Slap-Bracelet easy daysies,Smart Seat Chair Covers Buzzy Beer Greetings, @Hatchthings CuddleClothKindnessCreations, LunchboxLove, PortaPocket, PsiBands JaqJaq Pumpkinwrap, Padalily, PushPack SandGone SimpleSarongs, Weeurban, Grapple, Parking Pal Magnet QuickSplit, Pello SwimZip, Refresh-a-Baby, Lilly Bit Swimlids Lilywrap, Lily & Momo, ZizzyPala !!

Above All Enjoy the #SSGiving Summer Spirit of Giving Celebration!! Hope to see you during the twelve days of giving – keep entering and being part of the Kindness, Hope Peace and Joy that is spreading from Coast to Coast!

BE PART OF THE #SSGiving HAPPY NON-HOLIDAYS EVENT – It will be rewarding to you and in the eyes of your children!!

This is what I want for today! – Smiles:)

HI – It’s Jenn i’m back to writing🙂  – Join me we will have a great time🙂



Most Loving, Honest, Humble kindhearted group of people I know.  They live Grace, and  nurture the relationship/s constantly!
Most Loving, Honest, Humble kindhearted group of people I know. They live Grace, and nurture the relationship/s constantly!

 I TOOK THIS IN MY FRONT YARD!!IMG_2103Unique greenhouse

Quote for the Day!!

Sentimentality is the emotional promiscuity of those who have no sentiment ~.Norman Mailer

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Stampin Up Sheltering Tree Tutorial

Stamp Right Up!

Hiya Stampers!

With the holiday madness coming to a close, I thought I would start the New Year off right and create my second video tutorial.  I knew as soon as I made this card that I wanted to create a video tutorial for it so I could share how great this set is.  I admit, when I first got it I wasn’t in love with it, but as soon as I started tinkering around with the images I quickly changed my mind.

You can find all the measurements for the card stock below, along with the video and a link to my online store where you can pick up any of the supplies you might need to complete this project.

Stamp Right Up Sheltering Tree Tutorial Video Stamp Right Up Sheltering Tree with Video Tutorial

To get you ready to craft along with the tutorial, here are the dimensions of for the card stock pieces you…

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National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique

What a great idea for this Holiday season – You know how much I love books, well I got to enjoy a many few thanks to Moms Meet! As a member of Moms Meet I had the chance to review the National Geographic Book Boutique program.  This program is a great way to sample some amazing books by National Geographic, enjoy a great discount and increase your families reading choices to include everything from animal chapter books to the 2014 National Geographic Almanac.  The Holiday Book Boutique is a wonderful way to introduce National Geographic.  Not only is National Geographic well-known and respected, the educational opportunities they offer to any and everyone who opens one of their books is without measure.  Children who have not found a love for reading, can open one of these books and become alive with desire to learn more and more about their world.

I highly recommend this program, and with the savings up to 40% on many great books you should consider not only purchasing for you and your family but consider picking up a few gifts for friends and family as well!

The National Geographic books come filled with photos, facts presented in a fun and educational way that offers the education without the feeling of reading a dry school text-book.  These books come alive in the readers hand, letting them explore new concepts and ideas in an age appropriate manner.

When we offer children a balance between “Fun and Education” the outcome is a perfect balance and a lifetime reward.  I love watching my children get excited about books!  After reviewing this program I agree, if you would also like to get your kids excited about reading and learning please check out this program.  It is never to early to start introducing your child to the amazing world of reading and the power of education with National Geographic books.

Take a jump over to to enjoy 40% savings on some amazing books.  My son didn’t put the Almanac down until he read almost every page!  These are some of the best range of titles and the boutique covers a great age range.  I love that every time you buy any National Geographic title it supports conservation efforts, very very cool!

Let me know what great adventures and great facts you learn from this amazing offer – I loved these books!




I received books from National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique for my honest opinion.  Thank you to Moms Meet for the chance to share my opinion.

My Babies are Going Running!!

Hi – This is a bit off the norm – but hey with me sometimes everything is a bit off the norm.

My children are both running at Ivy Creek Fund Run to raise money for there school and the Technology Department.  Both Abigail and Owen Love to Run!  They think this is the most exciting event!  They both have a goal of $300.  If they reach it they get Kid sized Kid loved prizes that make us go HMM; but happy they are happy – Like a Yard of Gum, and a Limo Ride to Ice Cream with the Principle!  Okay that does sound like fun! I was hoping you might consider taking a look at their fundraiser pages and decide if you can help support them.  It is a one time donation – not a donation by lap (Too many people say sure $5 a lap, then the kids run 40 laps) much easier this way:).

Here is an example of the e-mails the kids sent out.

Hi its Me Abigail/Owen!  I am running in the Ivy Creek Fun Run On October 18, 2013, to raise money for my school!  Would you please support me with a one time donation? My goal is to raise $300.00.

Also, If you would like to come see me run please give my parents a call. I would love to have you cheer me on!  I am helping raise much-needed funds to help our school with technology equipment to help better our education.

Please consider donating to this important cause. I am going to have a blast running!! Nothing more fun, and it’s even during school! You can use the link at the bottom of this post to visit my site where you can donate to my school fundraiser.

As always I really hope you have a super day!!

Abigail & Owen

Abigail’s Link

Owen’s Link



Product Review: Calorease A New way to cut calories and help in the weight loss battle!


I am a member of Momsmeet a great website that introduces moms and to great new products that have a positive influence in our lives and the world around us. Through that program I was had the opportunity to try a new

This is a simple two tablet supplement, that I took three times a day an hour before or after a meal three times a day.  As long as I stayed on track and take two tablets with a fat-containing meal everyday it gave me the chance to cut my caloric intake by 500 calories.  The best was that it does not contain a stimulant.  (Basically – I don’t have to stay home to cut my caloric intake! Nice).


It took between two and three weeks for me to see results.  As the weight I have carried is not going anywhere.  When I cannot go run around the block – (Oh I wish I could) this was a chance.  Ever since my back started having problems I started gaining weight.  When  a person is sad, hurting or just in a situation where moving around and exercising is not something that is easy or sometime even can be done. I was given the opportunity to try this new product gave me the chance to help me cut the calories going in, as I am not helping them go out as I would like too.

Its easy if you take it as recommended, and realize that this product is not a gift or a free pass at over eating, you can make some changes.  As with all products that help with weight loss, Calorease is not a Magic Pill, Special one hit wonder that makes the fat melt off – Just wanted you to know🙂.  I ate as I regularly do; a sensible diet with fruits and vegetables and the right amount of protein or supplement and yes the bit of chocolate here and their,I am Human🙂.  The Calorease product nicely does not contain gluten, lactose, yeast, wheat, sugar, salt, egg, soy, dairy, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. It is naturally sourced from grain and is suitable for vegans.  Calorease’s website contains sample meal plans to help you carry out your goal the website will give you much useful information and ways to connect with Calorease and others directly. Calorease is also linked to the main social media sites for questions and reviews. – Facebook – Twitter – Pinetrest – Google Plus

Like “Calorease” on Facebook to stay up to date with all their new and helpful information to help you meet your weight loss goals, as well as stay informed for contests and promotions!!

Sometimes seeing things with your own eyes is the only way to really understand, so I suggest that you click the link below to watch a video to see how exactly Calorease works. I watched the video before starting the program and the video answered many of my questions. Go ahead Click here to watch this video to see how Calorease works.

Calorease comes in convenient blister pouches. each pouch contains\ two pills equal to one service, again taken one hour before to one hour after a caloric intake meal. The 90 tablet pouches run $29.00 Though for each of my readers you are able to save 50% off the cost of their 90 tablet pack!! Everybody likes 50% off!!  Just visit Calorease and you will only pay $14.00 for a 90 tablet pack!  The Code for this special offer is 4MOMS.

This I learned directly from Calorease ~”Science has found that fiber can bind with dietary fat and prevent fat from being digested. But since most fibers bind fat at a 1:1 ratio, you would have to consume unrealistic amounts of ordinary fiber to gain any benefit—until now. The unique, patented fiber in Calorease (FBCx) binds up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat, reducing up to 15,000 calories per month from a normal diet.” ~

~My Story~

I thought that if I decided to do this, it would be a waste of time, I would spend hours on the toilet and would still end up with the same weight.  I WAS WRONG!  I have had none NO unexpected rushed trips to the bathroom.  No lose stool, I had no problems eating ice-cream and not getting sick. Calorease having No Stimulant makes all the difference!!  I have learned that if I want this to work I had to pay attention to my food intake, try to cut the snacks, ice-cream and really try to let this product help me.  Guess what, it has!! I really feel I have lost a few pounds and there are more to come.  We started in the slow lane and now I am feeling better about food choices all together.  I told myself not to expect the weight to melt off, but any help, helps my back (Less weight on my back the better) and helps me.  I feel very uncomfortable being larger.  I was not expecting to look like I did seven years ago, but for my self-esteem, loosing a little weight goes a long way!  I plan to keep working this program for a few more pounds that I would like to lose before going back to just watching the caloric intake. I will continue to update you on my weight

It was a great pleasure to work with Momsmeet and Calorease on this program.  Please know that I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meets program,MayMediaGroupLLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a MomsMeets blogger,I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the manufacturer of the product.

I hope you have enjoyed my Honest review of Calorease.  May it help you accomplish your weight loss goals!!