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Time to get back to the basics – I was looking for God — October 8, 2012

Time to get back to the basics – I was looking for God


When we returned from New York,  we had so much painful stress having to decide about what the results meant, to us our family.  I had to decide do I move forward or just curl up in the space between knowledge and knowledge and stay there. I like to hide their sometimes. I am getting closer to that spot as I travel down this path, if we can call traveling down this path one of healing.  I am struggling yet surviving each day.  I get up, that is a accomplishment! We my family and I are on the constant effort of searching for my prime, my fullness. Thank you!

I loved being witty. It is something that could be used to express what I am and who I am. Or it used to be. That euphemism has dwindled as, progressions of the neurological question mark  in my life has developed, more aptly grown!  I am seeking further treatment for the progression and the source.  Such as applying to a neurological study at John Hopkins.  We are on the new path as I am not a surgical candidate. I do not have Chiari and my Syringomyelia is not of a surgical nature.

The Dr. in New York after releasing the “NOT FIXABLE HERE”,   he used the terms transverse myelitis ( is a neurological disorder caused by aninflammatory process of the grey and white matter of the spinal cord, and can cause axonal demyelination.) he also used the terms:  a variant of (Variant meaning type?) Multiple Sclerosis (multiple sclerosis  (MS), chronic, slowly progressive autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the protective myelin sheaths that surround the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord (a process called demyelination), resulting in damaged areas that are unable to transmit nerve impulses.The disease also gradually damages the nerves themselves.There are elevated numbers of lymphocytes in the cerebral spinal fluid and of T cells in the blood (see immunity).

The onset of MS is usually at age 20 to 40 years, and its many symptoms affect almost every system of the body. There may be visual difficulties, emotional disturbances, speech disorders,convulsions, paralysis or numbness of various regions of the body, bladder disturbances, and muscular weakness. The course of the disease varies greatly from person to person. In some patients, the symptoms remit and return, sometimes at frequent intervals and sometimes after several years. In others the disease progresses steadily.)

Neither of which make me want to back cookies, do they make you so inclined? I am still non curable and undeclared as of what it is that has all these symptoms and walks like a duck, I being the duck.

So for the time being  I decided the best avenue before becoming so depressed I stopped liking chocolate. It is to find God around me! YEAH!, to that notion, I have found already – He has followed me very closely the last couple days:Look at the photos and the things that just should not be their. If you have an idea…  please share!! Enjoy, I have:) In Hard times she had learned three things:

  1. She was stronger than she ever imagined
  2. Jesus was closer than she ever realized
  3. And she was loved more than she ever knew!

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So I find that when God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit places things for you to fathom, think about and question  – is that really you.  In those moments we are having an intimate conversation with our maker.

So when Peter saw it, he responded to the people: Men of Israel, why do you marvel at this? Or why look so intently at us,as though by our own power or godliness we hade made this man walk?  Acts: 3:12 NKLV

Tell hin this is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘Here is the man whose name is the Branch, and he will branch out from this place and build the temple of the LORD. Zechariah 6:12

The Branch is one of the most amazing ideas in the bible – I am a branch and can reach as many people as I reach for!!

In the search for God and realizing he is with you while you put on your socks,  he is nudging me hard, I stop.

I have not been listening.

I have sinned  – and will again, for I am human and blind to the glory offered.

I am working on the nudges – I have a feeling this is a start.  “To those who know the stupid people in Sponge Bob Square Pants” – Thank you for Nudging to get off the floor! – Thank you!

I found one more scripture that feels like me please enjoy – This is excerpts from Psalm 31 –  I put myself in your hands knowing you will save me, Lord of Truth….. I dance for joy at your constant love.  You saw me suffer, you know my pain.  You let no enemy cage me, but set my feet on open ground.  Pity me Lord, I hurt all over; my eyes are swollen. My heart and body ache. Grief consumes my life, sighs fill my days; guilt saps my strength…… I said to quickly, “God has cut me off!” But you heard my cry when I prayed for help. Love the Lord, all faithful people, the Lord your guardian, who fully repays the proud. Be Strong, Be Brave, all who wait for God.   (Wow – we are Blessed beyond measure)  In the Contemporary English Version The Holy Bible PSALM 31

So I, will continue to try to be strong, brace myself wait for God.  He knows my pain, my desire to not get up. This is like admitting your worst sin – I have no wish to get up, yet I try every day, lest the lord forsake me. Rather I give up on my family.  I have lost days lately – But out of Love comes finding, understanding.  I try!

Many Blessings to be with each of you may you learn the love of passing grace on. It passed us eight times during our trip too & from – God and His wonderful creations are amazing, be amazing!


English: Tracts of the spinal cord.
English: Tracts of the spinal cord. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Book Review – The Dark Monk — July 5, 2012

Book Review – The Dark Monk

BzzAgent Gave me the Kindle opportunity to enjoy these two novels by Oliver Pötzsch – For that I am very Grateful

ABOUT OLIVER PÖTZSCH, born in 1970, has worked for years as a screenwriter for Bavarian television. He himself is a descendant of the Kuisls, one of Bavaria’s leading dynasties of executioners.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006JTTK3O/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=darkmonk_bzzagent-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B006JTTK3O = This is a link to The Dark Monk –

The story: Winter has settled thick over a sleepy village in the Bavarian Alps, ensuring every farmer and servant is indoors the night a parish priest discovers he’s been poisoned. As numbness creeps up his body, he summons the last of his strength to scratch a cryptic sign in the frost.

Hangman Jakob Kuisl, his daughter Magdalena and the town physician’s son team up again – this time with the priest’s aristocratic sister – to investigate a trail of riddles. What they uncover will lead them back to the Crusades, unlocking a troubled history of internal church politics and sending them on a chase for a treasure of the Knights Templar. But they’re not the only ones after the legendary fortune. A team of dangerous and mysterious monks is always close behind, tracking their every move.


The second book – The Hangman’s Daugher –

The story: Winter has settled thick over a sleepy village in the Bavarian Alps, ensuring every farmer and servant is indoors the night a parish priest discovers he’s been poisoned. As numbness creeps up his body, he summons the last of his strength to scratch a cryptic sign in the frost.

Hangman Jakob Kuisl, his daughter Magdalena and the town physician’s son team up again – this time with the priest’s aristocratic sister – to investigate a trail of riddles. What they uncover will lead them back to the Crusades, unlocking a troubled history of internal church politics and sending them on a chase for a treasure of the Knights Templar. But they’re not the only ones after the legendary fortune. A team of dangerous and mysterious monks is always close behind, tracking their every move.

They are great middle Ages book – it is set up with so many twist turns, and the fart quest to retrive the object that is worth dying for.  I love these books – to be savored, and reread.  Enjoy –

**Note not a Christian Book But all the while worth the read!!

BzzAgent Private Selection Review — May 12, 2012

BzzAgent Private Selection Review

I was the lucky BzzAgent to be chosen for the Private Selection® Kroger Brand Co.

it is Krogers way of sharing the Private selection Brand -Yummy and give all us Foodies (ME) a TASTE OF SUMMER! I know we really didn’t have a winter and Spring was about three days and the average temp now is 76% – so regardless that Mothers-day has not popped it head out, grab a grill and let’s get hopping!

Kroger a while back decided to make its own private selection brand that stood for more than just food but great tasting quality food at a reasonable cost.  I am always wary about store labels especially with my past history with Kroger.  True to say the hit the mark on this one – I personally have one had an appetizer it was amazing, an entrée – same and well I have had a good amount of the Private Selection Kroger Brand Co. Ice cream – every one should – It is a feel better food! They have something in just about every department and a staff that can educate  you on the product or another if that’s what you’re looking for. So settle into lets guess the weather and enjoy Kroger Private Selections at are next BBQ, Movie Night, or just a get together.  Thanks for letting me share what BzzAgent freely shared with me. Get ready to share your passion for flavorOH I thought you might like a recipe… get the juices flowing

Private Selection Moroccan Burger with Mint-Pepper Glaze

Freshly Ground 100% Angus Ground Beef blended with Moroccan spices and finished with Havarti cheese and a fresh mint pepper glaze for a gourmet burger experience!

Private Selection Moroccan Burger with Mint-Pepper Glaze

Private Selection Moroccan Burger with Mint-Pepper Glaze

Prep time: 15 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
Serves: 6

  • Mint – Pepper Glaze
    1/2 cup apricot fruit spread
    1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
    1 Tbsp Private Selection Organic Fresh Mint, chopped
    Zest of 1 lemon + 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • Burgers
    1 tsp Private Selection ground coriander
    1 tsp Private Selection ground cumin
    1 tsp Private Selection fancy paprika
    1 tsp Private Selection California garlic powder
    1/2 tsp Private Selection ground red pepper
    1 tsp Private Selection sea salt
    1/2 tsp Private Selection freshly ground black pepper
    11/2 lb Private Selection Angus ground beef *
    Cooking spray
    6 grilled or toasted Private Selection jumbo whole wheat sandwich buns
    6 Slices Private Selection Havarti cheese
    *For a more authentic taste, use 1 lb. of Private Selection ground lamb and 1/2 pound of Private Selection ground beef.


  • For mint-pepper glaze:
    1. Combine all ingredients in small bowl. Cover and chill.
  • For burger:
    1. Combine first 7 ingredients in small bowl; mix thoroughly. In a large bowl combine ground beef and seasoning blend . Mix gently with fingertips or fork just until incorporated. Form into 6 (4 inch-wide) patties.
  • 2. Place burgers on platter. Burgers can be made up to 6 hours ahead. Cover and refrigerate.
  • 3. Preheat grill (medium-high heat). Lightly coat with cooking spray. Grill burgers to desired doneness, about 4 minutes per side for medium-rare. Grill buns, cut side down, just until lightly toasted, about 1 minute.
  • 4. To assemble the burgers, spread the mint-pepper glaze on the cut sides of the buns. On each roll bottom, place a cooked burger and Havarti cheese. Add the roll tops and enjoy. Refrigerate any leftovers.
Smarterer « Campaign Homepage — February 21, 2012

Smarterer « Campaign Homepage

Welcome to the top! You’re a Master at BzzAgent.

You’re top-tier! Only 2.5% of Smarterer’s users reach the Master level in the BzzAgent test. Impressive! We’re pretty sure you have other hidden talents, so let Smarterer help you prove a new skill.
What are you waiting for? Take a new test to show the world all the skills that you Master!
The Smarterer Team

I love that this new fun website is so diverse, you can create your own tests, you can take tests on just about anything you can think of from YouTube to excel. It is a great experience to keep your brain active, and that it does. It is also nice to earn badges and show your friends where you rank and they rank on the Facebook test. Come enjoy – what do you have to lose?

I am a BzzAgent, I have received items free to me with the expatiation of honest feedback, while having a great time – let me tell you that test had me on the edge of my seat because of the timer, but also laughing because it’s so hard to think on your feet like that then you learn how.
Thank you BzzAgent and Smarterer

Take a gander and test yourself here is the link: Smarterer « Campaign Homepage.

Random Information Post… You know how much I like Knowledge — January 20, 2012

Random Information Post… You know how much I like Knowledge

BzzAgent has a new Campaign – Smarterer –

This is a great way to test your brain, earn badges and share with all your

techno savvy friends through twitter, flicker, Facebook you know it test it.

great way to see how you stand up to your spouse co-worker, coffee pals.

Take a gander and let me know what you think….. I am game:)

Check out my new link — August 23, 2011

Check out my new link

The 25th Novel - The Litigator - It is a legal Thriller Coming October 25th - Just click the link over on under My links to pre-order or click here as well. This Novel is stepping up to stand with THe Firm - Make your move today and take Americas favorite storytellers newest Thriller home!

The release of this novel promises to be a big event— Grisham's had more than 20 years of consecutive #1 New York Times best sellers, after all!

John Grisham – Time for some Book News! — August 15, 2011

John Grisham – Time for some Book News!

John Grisham is coming out with another thriller based novel.  Were you hooked by the Firm, or was it his softer side of The Painted house?  My Grandmother-in-Law and I both love the painted house, seeing him step out to the main courtroom thriller to a down home novel.  Well John has a new novel coming out  this fall called the Litigators, this new book has suspense, a surprise twist – I know I love not guessing the ending!  That is the one thing that if an author can do well they will have me coming back and back again.  The Litigators also has suspense and a humors tone, before the book hits the shelve this fall go ahead and order it.  Why wait?  If you are like me would love to know that the day is arrives I can sit back with a cup of coffee and be taken to a wonderful place of human drama, go ahead and pre-order your copy! – http://www.jgrisham.com/the-litigators-plot-elements This link will take right where you need to go to get set to open the front door to a new drama.

I love that because I am a Bzzagent and I have the opportunity to review real items and share them with others and then give honest feedback, that they include items such as novels.  There is such a large arena of people who walk into a book store of large mass market retailer and look at the over of a book and have no idea which one is the one that will fit their individual tastes.  I know, I have been there. The worst is purchasing a book and not making it past page 24. So I am glad to have this chance to give some opinions and recommendations on a few great page turners.

I never realized that John Grisham’s first Novel A Time to Kill went barely noticed.  It was not until he wrote the Firm that things flourished for him.  He went from selling copies of A Time to Kill out of the trunk of his car, to signing a screenplay for The Firm before the book was published,  That my friends is a huge leap!  I know that I have personally enjoyed his books, and the movies are also top notch and very closely matched to the book itself.  The Hit The Confession has the shelves in paperback as of July 19th, another great novel under Grisham’s belt.

This Fall NBC has picked up the Project The Firm via T.V. to be on prime time. Grisham is on board as a non writing executive producer and Lukas Reiter is the show runner, it is being sold internally and will be 22 episodes as a start.  John Lucas has been cast as the leas role of Mitch McDeere , Callum Keith Rennie as Ray McDeere and Juliette Lewis as Tammy,  Molly Parker will play Abby McDeere. Seeing as the Firm sold over seven million copies, I can see how excited the national television stations are to having this be a main part of their Fall line up. Looks like an all-star cast for a very fought, sought after Prime time series.  I know I will be watching it!!!

There are a ton of things you can do while you are waiting for the Litigators book you pre-ordered to arrive.  You can visit his Facebook page: John Grisham’s Facebook page , while your there you should go ahead and “Like: it  .You can also visit the John Grisham Playlist on YouTube and watch a wide variety of videos by and about Grisham.

As a part of being a BzzAgent I was able to choose between receiving The Firm, or The Confession.  I chose The Confession seeing as my copy of The Firm is well-worn from repeat reading.  Seeing as The Confession is came out in paperback July 19th, I thought you might like a little tid bit of information on the book, first The Confession won John Grisham’s Inaugural Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction.  This was marking the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mocking Bird.  Harper Lee found that fitting to annually award a work of fiction that best exemplifies the positive role lof Lawyers in society and their power to effect change. What an honor and amazing accomplishment to the volume of books Grisham has given.

The Confession

Published in 2010, The Confession is legal thriller about the wrongful conviction of football player Donté Drumm in the abduction, rape and murder of a cheerleader, and the longtime silence of the murderer, Travis Boyette. About nine years after the conviction, and just a few days before Drumm’s execution, Boyette decides to confess. He has an inoperable brain tumor and nothing to lose. The issue becomes: How can he convince everyone they’re about to execute the wrong person?

If you would like to read more about the paperback release July 19, 2011 of “The Confession”  or more about the book itself, please use the link below: http://www.jgrisham.com/the-confession/




Time to take a journey… Come along for the Ride — July 30, 2011

Time to take a journey… Come along for the Ride

Lets Start a Journey Together

Beach Time

We are at the Beach, Celebrating Pop and Grandma’s 60th Wedding anniversary!  I thought this would be a great chance to spend time with family and also try out the About.Me page I am using with BzzAgent.  I have found that although all my information is their to lead my friends, colleges and family to all the social media I am associated with that they action is not high  Therefore I am going to order and hand out the Moo Business cards with the great scanner technique and see if I can get eh people I am writing, sharing, reviewing and taking photos of to the correct people. Thant being said I have also e-mailed About.Me for their advice on haw to make your cover page really work for you.  I have sent out an email to my contacts to see if that will bring about some change.  I really believe that this site can be useful for stay at home moms who what to share information with family members in a unique quick helpful site, and also for the Jet setter that needs multiple links to several items in one simple place so that his or her work can be more productive.  I am excited to use this is both ways – This is wht I just sent to my family and friends about the About.Me Page, I am getting ready to really hit this hard and I really want this to work for me.:

"I set up my about.me splash page and want to share it with you: 
http://about.me/jenniferdove.This page gives you links to some of 
the most important things I am doing. My Blog-Jenn's little Box:),
I have been spending a lot of time therapeutically writing 
about wonderful and hard adventures in my  right now, and some 
very great opinions on items I am reviewing for companies like BzzAgent.
My Blipfotos account a daily diary of photos I am taking everyday - 
Their great and you know me with  The amount I take it is hard to 
pick just one a day. I am adding a photo album so you can se new 
photos of the family, and get a good sense of what is  
Happening in the Dove house hold. If you enjoy the Blog or 
any other link like Blipfoto, you cansubscribe and you will get 
an e-mail,when I have added information. Also I hope you 
take a look and tell me what your think - I lovehonest
feedback If you like this idea and think it might
make your world easier - you can get one for free at
~ME Hope you enjoy!"

I am looking forward to to the About.Me page working for good for me and my circle of Life.
— July 20, 2011

<img src=”http://img.bzzagent.com/image/safesync.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=5789313107&Campaign=5100708602&Uid=515701&token=96cd900522b799b0a2f68497c12ceeb0&#8243; alt=””/>

Today is the last day of the campaign for Trend Micro™ SafeSync a virtual über safe environment to keep your computer valuables with the ease of being able to access them on any computer at any time!  Great concept, beautiful interface. even an amazingly easy way to place your most important data in personally named folders.  This is probably the wisest move for all my friends that have ever had a computer crash on them, and they have either lost, their submission to a research grant or the others who only keep their six years of their babies memories in jpeg land.  That is something that once it happens once – you will do anything to make sure it does not happen again!!  I personally recommend this as a very viable option. Let me give you a couple answers to questions you might ask items that you might ask – what makes it special – it syncs your data on multiple computers, even your phone or tablet, it has a history log so you can jump to any “point in time” it has what they call multiple firewalls – I call it the SuperWall for your Special Stuff🙂  and it scans each file for viruses during file transfer encryption.  Hey the best part – they are going to the “CLOUD” and you know as well as I do we all want our items in the “CLOUD”.  So take a look let me know what you think, you can comment right here on the blog, and right now you can even get a discount on their very cool and user-friendly service.  THe user code is “BZZ20” and the link i trendmicro.com/safesync  sign up and save, just enter this code in the shopping cart/at checkout in order to receive the discount.  I am on board for a year and you know I take a million photos, and have had the Blue screen of death.  So I am excited to say, thanks to BzzAgent I have a safe secure way to keep my important items secure.  Its easy and safe.  Take a chance and let me know –   The box topic for the day!

Lip Perfection — March 22, 2011

Lip Perfection

I am a BuzzAgent, and a couple of days ago I received a BuzzKit for Cover Girl Lip Perfection. This Buzzkit contained two great colors, one Bold “RED” and the other a muted color that I wear almost every day, yes me…. strange but true! The Lipstick is supposed to after seven days of usage transform your lips into more smooth and incredibly luscious… I think only Color Girl can get away with the word Luscious when it comes to lips and not sound obnoxious!! So here’s the deal – I am loving it!!! It makes my lips happy, it has made my lips softer, silkier and well …. I have noticed my lips feel better when I have it on, that is odd. when I put on Chap-stick, it works but you can feel the wax or the like on your lips nothing more. When I put on the Lip Perfection, well my lips long for kissing:)… My daughter and I had a great conversation about this, as I was wearing lipstick while cleaning…. not usually my attire, as much as you might think I am the Pearl wearing while vacuuming type I am not. I have found that no matter the reason – the Cover Girl Lip perfection – 1) Did what it said it would do – AMAZING!! 2) Makes me happy & Finally 3) Has made me, Jenn a Lipstick consumer. If Cover Girl can make great Lipstick, it is time to try some new colors. Here I come..

Living Echoes

One day tells its tale to another and one night imparts knowledge to another, although they have no words or language, and their voices are not heard, their sound has gone out into all the lands, and their message to the ends of the world. -- Psalm 19:2-4


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