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MegaFood – Fresh from Farm to Powder — October 26, 2016

MegaFood – Fresh from Farm to Powder

I am reviewing a product offered for review to me by Momsmeet, a company that lets us review Better- for-you-Products.

Today I am reviewing MegaFood a Hew Hampshire company that uses family-owned farms real food to make a difference. They believe connecting, having real relationships with the farmers that produce the food they use.  The take to time to know the farmers and the land that the products are being grown!  MegaFood has been around sense 1973 winning awards for their supplements. Their are a pioneer in the natural products industry, manufacturing thirty-six different innovative FoodState Nutrients.  They have a proprietary Slo-Food Process a nine step process to bring their customers a pure fresh innovative vitamins and minerals from scratch all at home in New Hampshire.

The scientific Slo-Food  Process™ is a nine step journey from farm to your home.

Step one Relationship –  building relationships with the farmers that grow the natural produce they use.

Step two Picking – making sure that the right ingredients from family-owned farms. MegaFood™ buys over a half million pounds of fresh produce each year. These products are delivered directly to MegaFood, no third party manipulation!

Step three Grind -MegaFoodlikes to turn the massive amount of ingredients into a product that looks and has the texture comparative to Italian ice.  They accomplish this by taking whole fruits and vegetables then Smushing, Squishing and Smashing each product until it meets the right consistency. This scientific Slo-Food Process makes the food taste better as it should, because instead of the easy route of mass produced mega farms with who knows what going on the plants and in the ground it is real food from farms they are Real Friends with!

Step four Transform – This is where they take the Italian Ice looking real food tasty pulp and move it through a series of containers, tanks ( they actually have a video on their website where you can watch this process yourself) adding additional vitamins to better the final product for your kids! This process of integrating vitamins increases the potency of the powder thus allowing your body to absorb the product. Children’s as well as adult bodies recognizes real whole foods and is super fresh nutrients , thus able to readily absorb them.  Our bodies are happy to absorb natural ingredients and whole foods!

Step five Dry -They take a gentle and cool approach to drying the vegetables with their Refractance Window Drying™** technology carefully dries the squished fruits and veggies to the exact point of dehydration (no more, no less) while preserving all of the nutrients, colors, and aromas of the fresh produce. This allows them to preserve the items exactly if they are drying carrots then when the process is done all that’s left is dried carrots.

Step Six Tumble – This is the step MegaFoods uses to turn there dried produce into the Powder used in  the supplements.

Step seven Press -MegaFood uses a tablet presser in what they call their “magic treehouse” A real treehouse  They even let you watch this part of the process anytime you want.  It is a great to know a company is doing such a proper job in taking care with their product that they give you live access!  Watch our live cams 24/7 →

Step eight Seal – With MegaFoods other supplements such as vitamins this is where they take care to collect the proper amount and place them into the containers we know and love with an amber hue and seal them with care.

The final Step nine  Ensure – They use a hard working they call MegaWork quality assurance department  do what they do best, ensure quality. This is a process taken very very seriously.  This allows MegaFoods to guarantee their products are made with in a way that makes them a pioneer in the Natural products industry!

With MegaFoods Fresh From Farm to Powder Supplements be it the Kids Daily Multi, Kids Daily Immune or the Kids B-Centered are bodies naturally need and crave this real food!  How great is that!  We all know that getting our children the right amount of healthy fruits and vegetables as well as vitamins can be a full time job in itself.  MegaFood takes their partnership with Kauai Organic Farms, Lundberg Family Farms and Uncle Matt’s Organic to create these Mom approved, Kid friendly powders that are easily slipped into this that and the other drink at any meal or snack and Pow!  the job of making sure our children have the right amount of natural healthy intake a win win situation!

When MegaFoods partnered up with these family-Owned harms they did it to make the process of getting the essential vitamins and nutrients into kids without hassle.  These are Kid friendly powders that are easier to swallow than any other kid supplement on the market! It works for those who have a hard time swallowing for any reason and who are not ready or unable to swallow a pill form multi-vitamin.

A few tid bits about the three supplements I was able to sample – I have to say each was well enjoyed and even asked for – the Kids Daily B Centered, really did the job at keeping my kids focused and having a great sense of calm well being! It takes 236 hours for one batch of their from scratch farm fresh whole foods supplements!

Kids Daily Multi – This powder is made with 23 vitamins and minerals that are essential per serving containing Organic turmeric, carrots and fresh fruit!  All promoting healthy development!

Kids Daily Immune – Strengthens their immune system year round! This with the help of Uncle Matt’s Organic Farms echinacea and elderberries!

Kids Daily B Centered – This is to help with support daily  mental focus, sense of calmness and cognitive function. This supplement contains organic brown rice from the Lunberg Family farms. The formula of the Daily B-Centered has a full spectrum of FoodSafe B- Vitamins blended together to support healthy energy as well as physical levels.

My children found that regardless of which supplement I introduced, in juice mainly as “Tasty”.  “Mom are you sure you put something in here, it tastes like normal Orange Juice”. These simple statements and the way I could see my children become happier and healthier  let me know not only did I find a product that actually does what is intended, but that their little bodies were absorbing the vitamins and nutrients better than when we tried other multivitamins in powder or chewable form.

We started using the MegaFoods supplements as soon as I received my kit, we avoided the early fall colds, when all around us people did not.  I found that MegaFood Supplements were the perfect answer to how do I get the right meal put together three times a day that will give my growing children the natural Fruits, Veggies, Vitamins and Minerals they needed.  I would and have recommended these products to several moms who like me want their children to grow up healthy, healthy, healthy!  It is great knowing that all MegaFood supplements are gluten, dairy, soy, herbicide and pesticide free! Not just that they test them to make sure this is a true statement not just a item to place on a logo. There are no sweeteners they are not needed!  No flavorings, coloring or preservatives – to me as a mom that is a huge advantage and something I look for in my children’s products! The product claims no stomach upset and that in our case turned out also to be factual, Joy!

Hope you enjoyed this review – Full of MamaDoveOnABox’s personal Opinions 🙂

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com), May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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