Have you heard about the Happy non-Holidays! going on with Mompact Summer Spirit of Giving Event? Boogie Wipes is sponsoring a number of events to share Peace, Joy and Hope to Moms everywhere! Their was and amazing Twitter party that was held from 1-2 PST or 4 EST on 8/13. It was a great time where there were in-depth discussions about what warms your heart, how to share kindness in ways you might not have thought of before. Ways to get involved in sharing Hope and oh did I mention they gave away Lot’s of PRIZES!! So hop on over to Summer of Giving and see what amazing things have taken place and that are still happening as we speak.  The Twitter party was so well attended that the stream of feed on the twitter-board was faster that the human eye could keep up!!! Go #SSGiving!  I knew that the concept of sharing Kindness, Peace, Hope and Joy is one that is embraced by Mothers everywhere.  Seeing Moms in action tacking the time to share ideas and thoughts about how best to share Hope, Peace and Joy was personally uplifting!!  Wonderful ideas.  Huge thank you to those sponsors who made the Twitter Prizes possible!!  


This is the Summer of Giving ‪#‎SSGiving‬ and it is about so much more than you and I, it is about Hope, Peace and Joy things we might take for granted. Mompact is connected with an amazing amount of sponsors that are joining in the celebration. Take a look at www.mompact.com/summer-spirit-of-giving/angels to see the 40+ sponsors that are providing gifts to Moms out their who need Hope, Peace and Joy! These amazing Business Owners are providing items that were given away during the Twitter party that afternoon! You don’t want to miss the amazing sponsors.  Take a moment just to look at the links to the sponsors, they are some of the most amazing Mom invented product, and products that I can say with all honesty Moms NEED!!   Enjoy the #SSGiving Summer Event and take a moment to check out these amazing sponsors: Boogiewipes, Spin Kindness Kandoo, Amadora Designed Concepts Baby Dipper, BinxyBaby, Boggbag.com SBaby elephant ears, Buglet – Oil Diffusing, All Natural Bug Repellent Slap-Bracelet easy daysies,Smart Seat Chair Covers Buzzy Beer Greetings, @Hatchthings CuddleClothKindnessCreations, Kiddotags.com LunchboxLove, PortaPocket, PsiBands JaqJaq Pumpkinwrap, Padalily, PushPack SandGone SimpleSarongs, Weeurban, Grapple, Parking Pal Magnet QuickSplit, Pello SwimZip, Refresh-a-Baby, Lilly Bit Swimlids Lilywrap, Lily & Momo, ZizzyPala !!

Above All Enjoy the #SSGiving Summer Spirit of Giving Celebration!! Hope to see you during the twelve days of giving – keep entering and being part of the Kindness, Hope Peace and Joy that is spreading from Coast to Coast!

BE PART OF THE #SSGiving HAPPY NON-HOLIDAYS EVENT – It will be rewarding to you and in the eyes of your children!!