Hours turn to days and days to months, time passes to fast.  I have found that the act of being a parent is more of a test of pressure within a vacuüm.  How much pressure can one parent endure before an unexpected release of Steam.I was able to feel that and my current emotions as well with this great book.  I do believe God puts in my hands the right book at the right time.

I just finished a book by Angela Hunt, The Pearl.  This is a Women of Faith novel. This is another amazing book taking on a hot topic about grief, loss, cloning and your hearts true desires and choices.  How we Christians and still do not always see Jesus lighting our path for use as we are foraging through the valley.  I highly recommend this book to all Christian readers and Secular readers as well.  It touches the heart of those who have adopted, given birth, lost a loved one, lost a spouse or have tried to walk their one road, only to drop too your knees the moment you realize you were walking the wrong way.  Amazing things happen then – God picks you up and carries you back home.

The Pearl - Angela Hunt