Do you have all the right answers?

Today is Tuesday 8/13/2013. It is a beautiful day, full of potential, clean air and light clouds.  Today, I am diving into a question; If when your child asked you a question about anything, that when you spoke your words would come across such that the love, tenderness and fullness of their meaning would come across each time. That the answers you give are in stone. Truth. No need to visit it again, for you answered the question and as a parent you have the correct and only answer. Would you want that?

Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy 11:19

I want my children to understand what I am sharing with them, as an answer to their question is open for interpretation and discussion.  I want them to question, to test and try to understand the minutia in the everyday tedium that will grow wild without tending, without examination.  I desire for their learning from analyzing, from searching their own minds, seeking the truth in my words as well as others in books or in life that have different answers to the same questions.  In order to accept and live with a Truth, one must first sharpen the pencil.

Life is a series of teachable moments, we are given a pencil with one end sharpened and the other with an eraser, so that we can continue to grow, learn become more and more precise in our understanding as we go.  Life is not written in ink, only the indelible moments for those in-between we can erase and modify our conclusions

I do not want to say “Never Hit, for it is wrong to strike another. Turn the other cheek.”  Then have my children blindly accept that as fact, and in turn mold themselves to a resolve of believing that Hitting is wrong “Always” one must turn the other cheek, PERIOD.

I want my children to believe me, honor my words and my experience.  I also desperately want them to ask questions.  Why, can we not strike another if the situation is “A” or “B” ?? I think the act of asking questions, testing the waters not only lets us as parents set needed boundaries, it is those questions that give our children the chance to learn something in their way, through their questions, they’re seeking the truth that will lead them to honoring what we have given them as advice and as lessons to live by, also a way for them to accept it because they came to the same conclusion through their own devices.

Today, this question.  I raise my children to know Mom is always there for anything.  They know all they have to do is ask. They also know that questioning something is natural, human and above all the only way we can feel confident within ourselves that it is truly the answer we were seeking. “Teach your children” Teach, not dictate – teach the act of learning, to learn we must first question.

Through these paths of learning one may find the building of ones character imminent.



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