Woman cleaning toilets.

I have often wondered if the phrase Light a Fire under “It” if you want it to get done. Have you ever realized how that is great advice! I mean yeah, tell someone if you want something to happen don’t just sit there, light the fire and make it happen!! Now take a step back and look at that through a mirror – the dishes the pile of papers for filling, an endless array of personal items that need a Large Fire under them, yet your personal wood always seems wet and way too hard to light. I really wonder why that is? I wake up wanting to accomplish all items to be done in world. I even love discussing the night before the grand plans I have to make my house more mine the next day. Problem is I forget how to keep the fire lit. I have accomplished some great goals, I have even made strides in taking my health into my own hands and working toward being more capable than ever before. So what is the secret behind getting things done for yourself and your goals? I really want to know.

I know that if the “Mother or Mother-in-Law” calls suddenly the house is amazingly clean in about thirty minutes. If you have a friend stopping by for tea, you have made small snacks hot water and a clean nice place to sit and chat. There are even Saturdays where Husbands and Wives go crazy and accomplish amazing amounts of items before the end of the day! What happens then?

Are we trained to desire something great, a clean space then something takes that ability that motivation and squashes it like a bug before the project is complete? Having been inside the four walls of my home for a solid eighteen months. I have nothing but a desire to simplify down to nothing. I really want to have love, grace and a clean home. Beds made, laundry done, the smell of amazing food wafting through the air and the smile of my family as they enjoy their home because of the comfort within.

So being “lit” from underneath is amazing!! Problem arises when the phone rings a friend stops by, the kids want/need/desire to spend quality time. You are just tired and want to sit and watch a show. Or in my case the body I once loved and was proud of, has in this season given me nothing but limited ability to accomplish the goals I so desire to complete!

I do notice that if you get angry for a large understood reason or for a small nobody knows why reason that many things get done right the first time and in a super fast way!! You can lift things or rearrange items that usually you couldn’t even move – where does this strength come from? is it strength or is it pure determination equaling more quality being done through the simple frustration of the soul working through the vessel of your hands!

A very wise woman told me recently that sometimes people make themselves “Accept” that they are not worthy of coming home to a clean home, a made bed, a clean kitchen and fresh laundry. That they give all sorts of excuses of daily life to push themselves down to a place where their eyes actually see a mess they are not able to clean and a belief that they can never change this. I am living proof that I have been on both sides and falling into the “It’s too much” is a much wider path than that of ten minutes per room each day that is actually less than an hour a day – An Hour A Day and Amazing your home is fresh happy and everyone feels better about the house No!, They feel better about there day, days to come, the obstacle that was to hard to overcome yesterday is easy as pie now. Amazing – Very True!

So the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that; One – We are a result of the environment around us, i.e. if we were raised where the beds were always made and the house was put together but the family was sterile that we have a tendency to put less stock in cleanliness or Home tidiness than if our home was Clean and Beds made etc. and our families were always together laughing loving, doing life! That tells our brain that not only is it possible to have an amazing happy family but that the home around us will also reflect that inside us. I believe the reverse is possible or even more probable as well. If we were raised in a dirty, no care find your own cleanest dirty pair of cloths environment. This home may be happy and go go go all the time or it may be as dirty as the items around it. In this situation, we may overcompensate and live the life where you can never leave your home unless its pristine – just incase you never made it home “What would people think of you”. The reverse can also repeats itself, the value that you are not worthy of a clean environment is so impressed on your psyche that you continue that going forward in your life.

Do you have the urge to clean when angry? when you see a cleaning product commercial? when your very upset? cannot sleep? in love? I think we do, we have to have something to keep our brains busy on besides the current item of thought. Now if we could just take that motivation and turn it into a daily activity that not only creates beauty but emulates beauty within yourself.

I after being stuck in bed and staring at the four walls around me have found that I am stronger, happier, more fulfilled even able to accomplish more mentally when my house is clean. I am blessed to have a product called a Neato – it is a vacuum that operates on its own, sensors have it avoid objects. It has a clear canister so you never lose anything. it does the entire house, carpet, wood floors whatever you have. It also maps your home, so if it has to go back to the charger mid cleaning it does, charges then goes back to where it left off and keeps cleaning! Okay yes it is Awesome!! This is something that gave me not only the ability to clean my home. This and having the children excited about making their beds “You can do it” and cleaning their bathroom has made this process so much easier.

I have found it freeing to go through the Tupperware cupboard and throw away 99% of the items. I put the lids on each container and filled two shelves. I never anticipate needing more than two shelves of Tupperware at any given time. So why was I keeping it??? Bye Bye – Oh and the question “Mommy, Daddy; How do you get a Junk Drawer?” . Well lets just say all the little this and that’s everywhere that have no purpose or people even know is there has vacated, now realize I am full of muster and motivation.

The Pain I deal with daily is more that anyone should and in order to keep my mind from turning me into swiss cheese I have to do something. Small projects, 10-20 minutes at a time and then rest. You would be amazed – I bet I accomplish more than someone who goes non stop for four hours.

So my question is to you: Do you think you are worthy to come home to a clean house?

Do you believe that Family is more important that keeping your house clean, that doing one will only take away from the other?

Do you have any special ideas of ways you do things that keep you motivated to clean your house?

Do you agree with me that Emotion on any heightened level will motivate us to do many things and if our house is lucky at that moment it receives the Love?

Do you have any ideas on keeping the motivation going on projects between day A and day B?

I look forward to your opinions. Today was one of those days my body did not want to participate in anything, especially moving/cleaning even scrapbook?!? Then something happened, that emotion that large emotion had me go crazy on the fist floor of our house. I currently am sitting here hopping the throbbing pain goes away fast so that I may enjoy the work I accomplished. For me and my family – We are worth it. we are worth a clean home, a happy face and above all as much Love and Laughter as possible!!

Blessings, Jenn