Sunday – A Day to be Blessed

Sunday – A Day of rest, reflection and humbleness. The past three days have been a whirlwind.  I feel like I am in constant motion.  I Think a lot about what Gods hands are doing in all thing moving from here to there.  Especially when, I am wondering myself if this is the right time, will this treatment make the right moves for my body going forward.

I met the nicest couple one two of the three days I spent in the infusion/surgery center.  They should me what I want BJ and I to look like when where 70+ years old.

I have to wait a few days to see if this help.  For all it took from me I pray it gave some back.  

I pray you are are all well and good.  I have Blessings upon Blessings in my house, from the youngest to the eldest and all in-between. I have everything to be thankful for.  With that – Have a Blessed Sunday – Remember Their is no one as strong or as mighty as God.  May we serve Him with all we have today!



One thought on “Sunday – A Day to be Blessed

  1. Jenn, It was so hear a more up-beat note from you. Prayer must help more than I give it credit for because being in as much pain as you are I would expect you to be way less optimistic about things. Your family and support group are a big help for you.

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