It’s been a long time coming, that I should write. This seemed the time. We have had so many things happen in the past year and a half and it’s amazing people come out of the woodwork just to give love and friendship, kindness and Joy. Thank you!
Tomorrow a group of people are coming to help complete our home and make it not just user-friendly for me but beautiful. They are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Christmas is going to be really hard this year we’ve had some many things happen this year especially with our smallest child and some serious changes in our home the fact that I have not improved and even with a trip to New York not having any diagnosis that we can grasp onto for answers except for try Johns Hopkins or try this. I don’t want to be unable to walk feeling and being disabled for any longer, we are just waiting on God for answers.
I feel blessed that we are going to be the recipient of such love that our family is going to be humbly blessed by His followers, I just pray that all of the people out there should know being a secret Santa to those who have little or are fighting a long battle is a blessing to the secret Santa’s in itself. Feel alive you have given life!
I feel we are being blessed by angels from God knowing that we are so thankful in fact we continue to appreciate your generosity and love that comes freely and abundantly. Were still not where we need to be but we’re okay for the moment I hope to stop crying when it comes to the things that are really hard and I know it will all make sense one day.
Gods promises that, we will also understand the happenings so Lord I just thank you for the people that are so gracious. I pray that in the weeks to come we see more familiar faces, a chance to sit and pray with friends and new extended family God has brought.

May this season be new full of giving of real love and humbleness the way Jesus showed us 2000 years ago. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

May tomorrow bring love, friendship and the true vision of we are the hands, let us do His work.
Have a blessed evening, I am back and will be posting again soon!