How Long Can We Hold on To the Rock Face


I came across this falcon this evening and I had to share.  Have you ever felt that way holding onto a ledge with all your might. I see each of his claw out and digging into whatever matter he can muster in that situation upon the rock face.  I know I have.  It is their we make a choice

– I

– God

It comes down to those 2 choices – do I surrender to God and let go fall or fly – I believe that those who choose to surrender will become the falcon and will fly. Let not my heart be drawn to what is evil PS 141:4 

We know this we are shown ever more in His word, the more we look the more we see.  I am marveled at the way this Falcon is looking as if to say? I am just a creature made by you taught by you and now I have found myself on a ledge.  For some of us this ledge is adultery either thy or thy spouse,either way hurting in the call to surrender it all.  Some are called upon this ledge for finical reasons the drop or fall that is felt inevitable,until one surrenders it completely to God.  Do Not be afraid for I am with you -I hear in my mind, as a friend,as me- God has made me feel the asphalt with my skin yet pulled me up before any harm could be done.  Is this ledge chemical in nature, if so thank you for seeing and reading this blog today.  May the Lord Take and surround you with all the earthly angels, may the phone ring and be the person who you will need to be your partner in support.  It maybe scary and it will telling someone, and letting them search your home to HELP you.  Father Bring the baron into her life not so that she may not ever see the other side of the addiction she faces. 

Find rest O my soul, in God alone;

my hope and comes from Him,

He alone is my rock and my salvation; 

He is my for tree, I will not be shaken.

My Salvation and Honor depend on God, 

he is my Mighty rock my refuge.

PSalm 62: 5-7

So have found this ledge to be loneliness the absence of peace in their heart.  For that is another tough place to be not able to take the leap an trust something you cannot see, and then at the same time not be able to hold on any longer.  The pain that comes from feeling that you are on an island, no,one understands, how could they. The pressure is to much, the emotional need is to much or not enough.  They say you are one way and then you are crying in a corner on the other side of life.  Vices are made for a reason.  I kerned this from an author who doesn’t know the truth she speaks.  When she was halfway across the icy meadow , snow began to fall, covering her worn cape with a lacy dusting. She felt a rush of wonder. Oh let the the snowfall dress the landscape like bride!… Not Misery.

The choice is one only when you make it you take a step and you leap.  The wind rushes through your hair the noise in your ears become a silent humm only a free fall will make and there on your knees in your private special place you have be bathed in the love of Christ.  Shout it from the mountain top you will want to.  Please, please for your soul do this, get a bible, if you do not have one let me know I am sure one of my reader will donate one if not I will.  find a small devotional I have one Praying the Psalms it i wonderful for you are praying the word of God and learning more of what He meant every time you read them, I personally find that the Psalms, proverbs, Acts, and John find me often.  Though for my story is so much as Paul’s I find myself reading his letters to the towns he was so able to visit.  If any of us have not see “The Nativity Story” Movie at easter or christmas I highly recommend it – it will give you a prospect as to the travel one had take and what that meant.  Jesus traveled a mighty way in a short time, I wish I had the honor to wash His feet.

_ So The Falcon calls us to Surrender – The Surrender leads us to Discipleship.  Discipleship leads us to walking, and walking we must.  For I have see in such a short time the Hurt all around us.  I know each of us has a dollar or ten that can change a life.  My problem is I have no idea where to support those I see hurting.  I have sat and taked, an as soon as they ask, should we go grab a beer or a smoke, I keep talking but the five goes back in my pocket.  Perhaps we take a friend we have met that seems to bee really hanging on, to breakfast.  I hear wafflehouse  serves breakfast 24hrs a day.

To my lady friends – today think about the one who is on that rock face – let us who know the danger let them know it is a fares, for with Christ the Darkness has been removed and Light brought in.


~Blessings! Jenn


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