ASAP American Syringomyelia & Chiari ProjectChiari Institute

ASAP American Syringomyelia & Chiari ProjectChiari Institute

It has been a long road trying everything but Leechs(eww)

So The Chiari Institute called they want me to come up 10/01/2012 yes next Monday!! 

I am excited, apprehensive, scared, nervous, happy, elated, strong, weak, confused. They are doing a consultation for which BJ and I have to fly to New York.When we are there we are expecting to visit with a nurse practitioner followed by a Neurosurgeon.  Te Neurosurgeon will either accept me as a surgical candidate or not. The options are conservative treatment i.e. what were doing, or spinal decompression.

If I am scheduled for a spinal decompression, that will probably take place right away while I am there. That is a process where they enter at the base of your skull and take a piece of your Occipital bone, not enough that your cerebellum would fall.  If that is the plan and I pray that it is, for we have tried so much else.

So that is what is happening in the next two weeks!  A Consultation.  A long awaited Consultation.  That in itself is amazing.  We have a million thing to do before we go, kids, dog, bills, flights, pack, breathe, you know the normal things.

I hope you are all well!!! I truly do. you have been amazing!



4 thoughts on “ASAP American Syringomyelia & Chiari ProjectChiari Institute

  1. Thank you for reading! Please feel free to dontate if that is your hearts desire. we have a link on the left. we have also take off the need to put your name and email in to visit my blog – enjoy! Blessings

  2. Jennifer, Van and I have been keeping up with you and your family through your posts and through Debbie and Ron in our small group. I’m so glad you have a opportunity to get more information and maybe some different treatment. Of course, we’ll be praying for you and your family!

    1. Thank you. It has been a hard struggle, something I didn’t know I had the strength to make it through. I am taking it day by day, but the trip to New York sounds very positive! I am at least heading in the right direction. Blessings to you both. Thank you for your prayers and your time with such strangers here but family in Heaven! Blessings ~Jenn

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