I found a quote today while I was reading my bible, it really infected me, down to my soul.

“A Shimmering Quality”
“Just thinking about Eden sometimes gives me an ache in my chest. I find myself wondering about the pure and shimmering quality of life there that somehow slipped through our finger.
Just picture it. It was nothing to begin with. Nothing. And then God opened his mouth and spoke, and when he did, everything started taking shape. He used his words to make a world! He called forth forces of symmetry and beauty and great power. He laid boundaries of order and balance and proportion. With the precision of a master clockmaker he set in motion the weights and wheels of a perfect creation. And then, seeing the beauty of his own handiwork, he proclaimed with pride, “Good. Good.” And “Very good.” Light, darkness, sky, land, water, winds and tides; plants, trees, sun, moon, stars and planets. And animals flying, soaring, swimming, loping, crawling, galloping. All things in their vast array he created.
Then finally he created human beings, both male and female his shinning glory, whom he put in charge of it all. “Claire Cloninger”


Its amazing that God in all his infinite wisdom, chose us; Male and Female to be in charge of all of creation. – “All of Creation” not just a section but rather the whole. DO you know anyone in your life who takes the responsibility in so much that it is as given with a pure heart to make sure this world we live in is “taken care of” in a manner that would be pleasing to God?

I Dont!

He also in that decision gave that responsibility to “Us” “Male and Female.” The role of working in a symbiotic relationship with the opposite sex.  Not just the opposite sex, rather the person God created for you, as he created Eve for Adam!

I Have my mate that I believe God intended for me, I don’t know that we have ever spoken to the question: what are we doing with our responsibility to keep this creation by our Heavenly father, one that is pleasing to Him. Have we listened to God? Have we Daughters and Sons of Christ, listened to to the first instructions he gave us? I think we have left that as a frightening question that we believe does not pertain to us.

This creation starting with Eden is the place we should all long to accomplish, together with our spouse, our “male and female”, feed our souls with love, take in the word and place it in the parts of our union only we can reach. He made each of us for each other he made the process of making and keeping Eden for each of us.  We read it.  We believe it, so why don’t we act. Perhaps we feel it is not for those of us. To recreate Eden in our lives, whatever that may look like to each of us.

To some of us Eden May be making it through school and helping others everyday by being a doctor who cares. Taking time to make sure that God is invited into the surgery, lab, MRI, CT, Chest Scan or radiation infusion area before starting a procedure.

To some Eden may be the words God whispers in their ear loud enough that they are able to write a novel that with the proper visibility will change lives. So many authors go through the thorns and branches of the fallen world. Only to find the place where Eden is hidden. Though when they find it, the breath and miracles that form through their words are undeniable.

Today I was given the chance to find my eden – It is partially the photo of the Married couple, for my spouse makes my life a series of blessings upon blessings. Never a moment goes by that I doubt his undying love for me. He holds me hand as I scream for something to make the fire in my leg stop, knowing it is just my neurological system and it is just a waiting game. He covers my face with a wet wash cloth when I am so cold that I know I am going to freeze to death. Have you seen anyone so loving that he helps me make my all fruit and veggie shakes so I can lose weight and help keep my muscles moving. He calls me to make sure I am up for the kids, then sneaks home my favorite chocolate and peanut butter ice cream from Basken-Robbins?

Then I thought of my Eden as the call I am waiting for, or the Church that gave me hope that they were going to come help me reboot my spiritual journey.  Or the idea of taking this five year journey and scrap-booking it in a white book with black pages. Then I remembered I took the wheelchair for an adventure three days ago, I tried to climb the driveway to send a letter.  I called out first, checking to see if there was anyone there to help me along the way. No so off i went.  I made it to a part of the grass in front of the red truck.  Five cars passed, including a black minivan all watching, the girl in the wheelchair climbing a straight up driveway with no power, a mount Everest with a tee shirt on. I had blistered my hands and although stuck, I was not giving in.  Then came the neighbor girl, she just pulled in and immediately ran over. “How can i help you”. “Please place this in the mail.” Let’s get you safe first.” “No, please just put this in the mail, I can hold on.” I did and together we made it back to the house, where I decided, that was not an adventure I would take again – guess I am not running to the store on my own anytime soon.

That was it I found my Eden, it was not given to a woman, to write a novel that changes the world, a political leader that in His own way tries to accomplish the unattainable.  It is not the research in ten different countries backed by Millions of pre-tax dollars striving to fix the energy crisis we have found our self in because we did not read.  The Bible told us how to live, to survive, to find Eden here on earth again and in doing so learn more about ourselves.  We are too Free Willed for creating what we were born to create! We had to separate everything into “theirs and ours”. We question the reality of our circumstances and then spend a lifetime creating a world that in itself will be the death of us.

I found my Eden, in my spouse, my love for life, my belief that God will find a way to create a man and a woman who will together give us the change and chance at living once again, all we have to do is take it.  I will.  Will You?