Supreme Love

Diet, no lets just call it eating different.  let’s call it rebooting – I don’t know the first eight days went amazing, cloths event felt a little loose.  Yeah.  Then the dreaded out of town no control of what I eat but I did, I tried. Unless you called the chocolate covered almonds that stayed in the room until they were gone a weakness?.

Made coffee this morning while making scrabbled eggs and cereal for a hungry child only four minutes awake, saying a hi nice to see you, hello I made an executive decision because you were in the shower when they called on the phone to my Husband. Have a great day. Little one, here are your eggs honey, and I promise that is enough milk. Husband oh don’t forget your to go-coffee.( breath,no) Morning second rug-rat, are you hungry more cereal no eggs.  Then start on veggie meal lots of greens, reds, cinnamon (I don’t know why) celery lots of celery and carrots, don’t forget the ginger.  

11:30pm realize as i am getting more water – I never had a cup of coffee this morning or at all today – To much, thinking about having one – NO time to sleep.

So I was brought yesterday evening a four cup King size reeses’s peanut butter package, that promptly hits the freezer, as the upstairs AC is out and the world is warmer. ( yes warmer )  This is a package that means more that Hi I love you have some chocolate.  This is the epitome of I know we haven’t seen eat other without a doctor talking a child building a teenager speaking, running, asking for I don’t know what for years now.

This was magic. This was, I know you feel fat, your not moving and yes you have put on some weight (OH MY HAVE I-YES) and your eating this stuff that I don’t think the Dog would eat, and your staying diligent very good for you.  I know you! Just having an option is better than living in a house without an option, only because I know you, go figure.  This makes life better and you know that I am thinking of you outside of the home – sorry you missed the coffee, I am so sorry this is happening. 

i kept it in my room today (still warm) just their, didn’t have to look at it other than to be explained to by Albert Einstien at five years old, how we could mange to all have one even though there are five people in the home and four recess’s cups.  Love it!!  Nothing better – except the long thought process I place upon my husband as he searched for the best gift, the memorable and well thought out!  When he grabbed it at the checkout as a last minute gesture forgetting the weight loss probably hoping for half.

Today, He get’s the most amazing man award!

I woke knowing Isaiah 65:24 was the only thing I needed to hear.  I have floated through the pain of today   (Spoke with the doctor in person this afternoon.) knowing that the all loving amazing Man of the year has still left the King Size I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TERRIBLE cups in my part time room.

Okay so I didn’t get a cup of coffee this morning.



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