Rebooting your life! I am Rebooting Mine:)

I have been trying the Reboot your life for over a month now.  I can honestly say, as much as people say that smells awful of that looks grouse and they wont taste (My Family) I love it!  I call it my gruel!

BzzAgent sent me the Fat, Sick & nearly Dead campaign – where I dived into a life of eating a rainbow everyday!  I learned to think about what I ate in a different way, that the less processed food the better I felt.  I never felt better after a snickers, and I wanted to feel better, look better and be happy.  These were problems in my life I never though food could change.  Well let me tell you, when you clean out your fridge of all fruits and veggies and juice them all together, you have what is called~ The first day of the new you!  You will feel happy, energetic, heathy, and well the weight will shift to another planet as well…. Bonus!

You learn at that food is o be looked at differently.  You have not just a few but a community of others that are also doing the Reboot to talk to, learn from. You can exchange recipes, watch videos.  You can talk to the nutritionist as well, which I find very healthy.  You start eating smaller meals healthier meals. You become the Path to the heart of your body not filled with fat and negative cells but happy heathy ones.  Yes that means this program will release you from all your former self:)  Yeah!!

You learn about each individual food, what you can come by locally without pesticides, learn to watch IBS go away keep certain Cancers away from your daily intake Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a thing of the past.

I eat carrots, celery, two green apples, two whole lemons, chunks on ginger, three cups together of spinach, kale, collard’s and romaine. celery, lots os celery, Cinnamon, peaches when they are around, and a mixed bunch of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.  I love this way of feeling as if I am eating heathy – And the idea of eating a rainbow is wonderful!!!

BzzAgent gave me the information and the source to get started, I have run with that!

Go Reboot your life!

Blessings ~ Jenn


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