“Warning” – Not for all of my readers!! Only for the Mom’s out there who want the real truth about “The Pump”

I am the Mom of three beautiful children!  All three were to be breast-fed for as long as possible. God Blessed me, though he had other plans for me and my children.  My first child a daughter, I sadly had on my own, she was not a good suckler, she prefered her tough instead, and she was not getting the nutrients she needed.  She was loosing weight at a rapid rate, I was blessed with a nurse in Montana that came t mt home to help me with breastfeeding, pumping and everything else that goes n with your nipples or rather (Units of duty  Going proudly to war for your child).  She quickly with her finger my daughters mouth all on my breast together that this was not working. That was a very memorable experience.  They do say after you have a child you lose modesty. The nurse said if she didn’t get the proper nutrients soon they would have to go to bottled food.  Needless to say I cried harder than I have remembered.  I have always in the back of my head had this notion that if I was in a different situation and was unable to feed my child that they would die and that tor me apart.  The nurse had two options. One place my baby on bottled milk until w taught her how not to suckle her tounge, or for me to use a double pump every fifteen minutes after feeding for twenty minutes or until i was drained.  Due to the situation we were not to the bobby pin telling me wich breast was used last.  So I pumped fearcly that day.  I filled a good two containers, my breasts felt better and I was excited for the next step what ever it was.  well we took the milk one in the fridge and one in a container attached t strings that hung upside down on my breasts between them. From that were two small tubes that we taped to my breast leaving the opening at the nipple – Yes I said taped (OWW).  We Latched my Daughter in and this milk poured into the back of her mouth she as no option but to suckle or drown in milk, Not literally. I did this for over three mouths after that I pumped one breast after each feeding, and had my milk ready for her at all times.  I learned how to breastfeed in public and then pump in the back of the car.  Women across america stood up for my right and created shawls that let me have an intimate moment with my child while pumping or feeding

My second child, another girl was born ten years later – wow things had changed, but I had not.  she sucked but I was not producing enough for her needs.  This was a very sad time, I had Post pardom depression from lack of lactation and then causing my milk production to produce even less.  At this time I was on extended medical leave from my job and I was as you say a cow.  I breastfed my daughter both breasts to try to give her what  when needed then I used a top of the Doble breast prest pump.  There I was Wah-Whomp, Wah-Whomp for 40 minutes after each feeding, and then before each feeding.  I was attached to this matching for thirteen months straight, where I introduced homemade food with the little milk I could get.  She actually seemed happier with that.

My third and final child was a boy.  God decided I am unable to conceive anymore.  I have a neurological spinal disorder.  Well with My little man I started early as soon as I felt the progesterone rising I started putting away milk.  I attached myself to the pump early and was happy to do so.  This was going to be easier I kept telling myself.  I would drive down the road with the machine resting on my belly and under my shirt Wah-Whomp forming my breasts into the most unnatural position to squeeze the smallest amount of milk. Early on we found him enjoying the breast-milk, he was a perfect latcher and he suckled until the cows came home.  I believe his happiest moments as an infant were on my breast.  I used the apparatus I used with my fist daughter to make sure he was getting the nutrition needed.  We were doing great until he became very sick because if my milk.  I kept pumping incase that was not the true cause, but the doctors confirmed it.  he also scared us with one of the optional tests at the hospital coming back positive.  regardless, I know the pump os a monster that treats you like you’re a piece os meat and then throws you away al you hard work gone in an instant.  My little boy started my homemade food early and he is amazing healthy.

Each of my children were worth the pain, lack of sleep and all that goes along with the pump.  1) the self pumps are a joke! 2) get a double pump always, don’t torture yourself any longer that you have to and 3) use blogs, friends and resources.  May you and your children be well fed and amazing!

**I choose not to mention the lactation consultant for my last two children one was from Atlanta’s baby factory and the other a large group in Gwinnett – they both failed to be what was needed and they literally gave up on me. “Your just going to have to bottle feed them , they are not taking to your breast” – That may not be everyone’s experience and also not all Moms have the belief I do that, it is my Motherly Honor and requirement to feed and keep our babies alive.

Thank you for the opportunity to telly you about my “PUMP” stories, I hope yours were taken with pride like mine but ooh so less painful!


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