IT’s Been Awhile – But I am Here and I am Ready to make things Happen!!

I have never felt so overwhelmed.  I try really hard to do the things I used to do and I land on my face.  Even reading has become a trial.  Three pages makes then more eye drops.  I am the only person I know who can cry without tears. I am going to the ASPA’s national conventions thank you to those who made that happen. WOW! So I am intimidated but hope to find someone who understands what I am feeling.

I am not afraid to be real anymore.  My right arm feels like it is trying to wake up that painful I slept with it wrong two days now.  My shortness of breath, or as the nurse put it limited lung function has me on albuterol treatments twice a day and then making an appointment with a Pulmenoligist.  Yeah a new doctor….  sarcasm is not my strong suit.  Its been 10 months. I am not chipper any more and I am yeah angry and really frustrated when people don’t get this isn’t something I am just holding off and not doing. The  -“Their has to be somethings” people in the world.  I love them but – what am I to say – the best doctor Emory has said go home and wait it will get worse before it gets better.  I have fire and electric shocks.

Okay remember I told you about my lower back we have been ignoring it – It said Hi after the two falls a day issue.  I have two wonderful ladies that come and help me with me and with the hose including the kids – another amazing gift.  I know GOd has a gift for me too, and if I would stop venting and be quiet I just might hear it.  I am back and I will be THe regular Jenn going forward but the beast inside one today.

Oh and one other thing – there are a hand full of you that have done amazing things, a 31 catalog show were I received the proceeds, A LOVE4DOVE Tennis tournament that not only had registration funds but a place to contribute, people have sent us money.  We have been working hard with the thank you cards – we have no excuse but they will show up one day

~Blessings ~Jenn

Love you guys – Thanks for hanging with me!!


One thought on “IT’s Been Awhile – But I am Here and I am Ready to make things Happen!!

  1. Hi Jen. I know how you feel. Our conditions (physical) are different but our conditions (mental) are the same. Ive just been at it longer. I think the universe brought us together for more than just for you to get a bracelet lol

    I love you and I know we will learn from each other. ❤

    Oh, I don't know if you've thought about disability or anything yet, but if you are going to apply for Social Security let me know, I can refer you to my representative, they're awesome!

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