In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, He was with God in the Beginning

I have never been so Humbled in my life, before this disease took ahold of me.

I knew God had a plan, I was just not sure, how I would fit into His design. During my waiting, I learned that every muscle movement and thought has the ability to be used as an instrument God uses to create another movement and thought. WOW! THen the notion that God knew, has known and does know the answer that I seek. The people I will influence and the outcome that will be related to the body I reside in.  I am excited to follow Him into this dark or perhaps very light filled Valley. For Him I am opening my heart and listening, even being still.  The way things have manifested themselves it seems He has a plan already for us( My Spouse and I) to take an adventure that may lead to a door of answers. Perhaps that journey may just give another person the strength they need to carry on. (HUMBLE_ I STEP BACK we are used every day for His Glory) I surrender again with all that I have, with my Husband. We will follow as Disciples and seek for Him Glory, Joy and Kindness. Giving back ten fold to those who have sacrificed for our hardship. The unknown we have walked through with strength, Love and Courage – For He created that road before us.  Recently I have been in awe of the people who believe in me.This is those who have never seen my face, yet lift my name to the heavens.  They go above and beyond not for their glory but for the nudge they felt and the answer they freely gave. WOW!  Bless, each and every one of you!!! From MealTrain -Perk Me Up Cards, Random stop by’s with the bible to listen to! Those who have helped with the Children, Helped with me. To those who helped  when I am not myself, I Thank you! Trips to the doctor – You know who you are!~. Being there in the Hospital, holding my hand during the spinal tap. More recently, purchasing for a cause or hitting tennis balls on the hottest day EVER.  To each of you Thank you.  I am open and will share with you, just let me know if you ever have a question.  I know I have many. Oh and thank you for the honesty in questions and directness, I felt less like a freak and more like a person who searches for the answer’s and has the most handsome sidekick!  – Below is a list of the Miracles God set forth eons ago that are coming to fruition now:

A Friend who I havent seen in almost two years said – What can I do reached out to those she knows – Love4Dove was created! ( An Amazing Tennis tournament and optional Donation if you didn’t play to help us with medical bills and doctors fees). Wow Thanks – That is a Miracle. God does miracles through everything and everyone in the hardship of Hardship 5/26 God Still made the turnout very strong! Thank you to all who weathered the weather! to Make Love4Dove a positive and Fruitful venture.  For all who played may the sun have mercy on your skin.

Families never leave your side they make a difference just being family Amen! My only Sister felt a nudge from the heavenly Father and donated her commission from her 31 Business to donate to us. Thank you! This was a hard sell – I was unable to have a party nor was up to it, so through conversation and the internet we found a great number of people who were more that happy to purchase for my benefit! – She was a vessel God used to create another Miracle and for that I am ever thankful.

For the other Miracles that remain unnamed –

God Moved, and amazing  Miracles became reality!  Again thank you to those who were nudged to buy, play tennis, donate or any combination here in.!  You as Disciples or just people made it happen. 

God moved so we may visit the conference in Virginia – perhaps find the right person! Now we have the question of fly or drive to VA.

God Moved so that we may can not worry about our little one for just a little while and that is a miracle.

Without God – and the Holy Trinity, His works through people we would be nothing, for they would not be giving back to the Glory that makes His Life Amazing – That makes people FOLLOW – the word Disciple, the longing to leave a legacy that is filled with faith.  

Blessings ~Jenn


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