Today is the celebration of Motherhood! A time where the cord has been cut a a child celebrating of Child from mother. May all those who have been separated know that this is one if these moments that touches deep in the soul of a Mother and reminders her why shy did everything she has done.

I personally Bless all that have carried a child nine full months, endless changes and questions, and wondering if it is too hard to ask – Happy Mothers Day. For you are the lifeblood and part of the creation of what they have or will become.

I am the mother of three one making her way to graduation and one making his way to kindergarten. – Motherhood is what I was born for.  Once a lady said to herself, then several year shared with me. When she met with her son she said to herself “That is the future mother of my children”

I have learned she is wise beyond her years, stays calm in havoc and makes hard situations filled with God and as comfortable as can be in each Valley – When the Times are High she is Amazing…. She is the creator of the Joy that passes to everyone…. Jesus left a beautiful handprint on her.

Blessings ~Jenn



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