Morning Thoughts,

Do you ever lose track of time, Place or relativity?  I found that if you add one component you can lose all three flooding in and out at their own rhythm.  I have tried to understand it but alas I am not one of the knowledgeable beyond my years one.

Time – I studied it for over five years, the primitive man, the forensics dating a mother and child found together in an archeology dig date and assumed death.  Then the dinosaurs, cretaceous, where do we fit in did God create us in a period other others will excavate and call the global warming period?

I the bring it to another level, are we predestined to our future, if then, do we jump the ride and follow are dreams meet who we meet and where we end up is where we were headed to anyway.

Or Free Will – Is that defined as Free Will adjective 1. made or done freely or of one’s own accord;voluntary: a freewill contribution to a political fund.

or is Free Will predestined by God that he gave us the ability to choose but knows the endings, all the endings already?

I have had not enough coffee, but yet I think that every time I take a sip How luxurious life I live, I have the honor of having coffee!


Blessings~ Jenn


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