A day – Time to jump off the Lion’s Head

Regardless of the day or situation, I am still devoted to my creator and savior Jesus Christ.  I have cast out any negativity in this home in my room everywhere but he keeps trying to seeps back in. When you are most vulnerable, and I  know with Pain I am vulnerable am am i prime target I feel it. I do my best to put to God’s breastplate and helmet everyday, and pray fervently.  Right now while I share this the Ones who belong to the earthy prince (Some call Demons) be gone in the great name of JESUS CHRIST, I believe and say get out Now! Spiritual warfare is caught every where you are. But only if you stand firm to be a deciple for him. All you need is to just have your eyes open your to hear the mind to God and in prayer and petition.  choose to ask for eyes to see ears to hear and see wisdom to know God from others. You remember god has His timing and reasons for all things,so one day you will see and it will blow your mind. to bring glory to the Kingdom of Heaven, where will meet him one day.  Let it be know if the Holy Spirit gives you the eyes to see you must fight the good fight. I asked for awareness and i have been given the most beautiful and hard things anyone could ever see.                                 Again I fell  I stood  and pivoted to my wheelchair. When I sat, the gel pad slipped and I hit the group hard on my rear and right wrist than my head on the wooden glider. I was more than scared for the pain that I knew I could not get up on my own, and to proud to call 911.  My little ones were home, but scuooby doo was on so,They would check on me than Sccoby We they finally hear my call they got me an phone, I called my Husband then sister, I didn’t know what to do but let Jesus take control and I cried and, It is always better to left jesus take control.waited,.  Then My Brother-In-Law left took to help mommy about  30 min I don’t know I think I was in shock and massive pain. He husband but both of his arms and lifted me right on to the bed where I laid and didn’t move.  They had to leave.  about the time i feel like readjusting I could tell something is wrong,is it my hip tail bone, deep tissue bruise what.  The RN that came out is not a hand on nurse?? and she called my doctor they all say go to the emergency room. My last trip was 14 hours and then 45 days in the hospital .  I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow My husband id taking me.

God let the good light shine on me: Romans 15:13: 13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

I will never forget my husband quickness to get home. such love not mangy know.  I feel Blessed every time I think about him, you can see love reflecting back to you (ME)


TO those who follow me yet remain quiet, please remember I thank you and send my love up to Him for your small devotion to walk this path with me.

Blessings~Jenn Everyone has to take the step off the Lions head This was a big leap of faith for me



2 thoughts on “A day – Time to jump off the Lion’s Head

  1. Dear Jenn, I decided I should be a vocal follower of your post. Your comments are so encouraging, yet I know you need encouraging as well but I can’t begin to find the words you are so deserving of. Two weeks after my first hip replacement on Dec. 2, I fell and broke my wrist. For the next 2 months I needed help with everything. Ten weeks later, we replaced my other hip and my dear husband did the same for me as BJ is doing for you. A husband can be a huge blessing. I was married for 50 yrs. before I fully appreciated Roger. You found out much sooner. I pray for you to have the strength to keep going forward and that God will remove your pain because that is a very debilitating thing to live with, both physically and mentally. It weakens your emotions. Like you say, God has a plan. We just wish He’d let us in on it. He has promised to go through it with us and to give us strength. May today be one of love and God’s blessing to you.

    1. Thank you so much for heart felt comment on my Blog.
      I pray you are doing well, Their are so many roads to travel, and you have been in the valley and have come out stronger. You Humble me in saying of your heartfelt thought – sometimes you don’t need words Just life

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