Lost in Space

I remember the show – don’t you.  That feeling of being in a far removed place with creatures and people/monsters who you have no recollection of.  Walking around nervous and jumpy to the resolved captain who will never give up hope. I like to think the characters laughed and joked several times as they produced the show, for I am happy the did.  I personally am in a sphere of space without direction. Things that are supposed to get better get worse.  When you think the bottom has dropped out, you realize you have no idea what the bottom is. Tomorrow I have to be in several places as once.  I am being tested as to resolve, am I going to wither with the new setback we have been presented with. Ugh. I know “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13” I am just need some extra strength today.  I have phone calls that need to go right, miracles to happen with my family.  I know He can and He will, if it is His will, so this morning I am sitting in silence (relative silence) with the young ones home, to devote my time to Him and at His feet I will leave them – I pray I have the strength not to try to pick them back up again.

I Pray your day is amazing – also that Christ show himself in al you do and see

~Blessings ~Jenn



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