A Place of Silence a Place to be Still 2.25.12

I was having a day were I was not sure if the enemy attached to my specific circumstances was winning or I was.  It is times like these God usually jumps up and shouts something amazing and you feel all better. NOT! In fairy tales perhaps but not in real life not in real books and not in my soul – But he does use others to take that place. So 2/17 I was having one of those days in the wheelchair with a blanket over me and a friend called – Hey Jenn you have been on my heart can I come over?  Okay sure I not doing anything and I am still in my PJ’s.  She said she would be right over.  This woman’s house is immaculate and I didn’t even move to pick anything up my heart was feeling empty and my body didn’t want to work for anything.  SO she comes over I make some tea and she prays

with me, she was my mentor when I first found my Savior and a Savior he will always be. She said I brought you something, but I want to read it to you first.  Okay Hmmm.  My heart opens She read this:

February 16th – Jesus Calling

THANK ME for the conditions that are requiring

you to be still. Do not spoil these quiet hours by wish-

ing them away, waiting impatiently to be active again.

Some of the greatest works in My kingdom have been

done from sick beds and prison cells.  Instead of

resenting the limitations of a weakened body, search

for My way in the midst of these very circumstances.

Limitations can be liberating when your strongest

desire is living close to Me.

Quietness and trust enhance your awareness of

My presence with you. DO not despise these simple

ways of serving Me. Although you feel cut off from

the activity of the world, you quiet trust makes a

powerful statement in the spiritual realms . My Strength

and Power show themselves most effective in weakness.

ZECHARIAH 2:13 ; ISAIAH 30:15;


At this point I was in tears. True knowledge of God that brought in she who was wearing His armor upon her body as a Defence against all warfare. She was the Body of Christ for me that day!

It lifted me up to where I was able to spend time in the bible that day.  I read and reread over and over this daily devotional and could not be more amazed at what it said to my love of God to the current situation, to my life waiting for me when I wear the armor and keep spiritual warfare at bay.

Though I am not in prison, I am in a sick-bed and I am still, that being said why not use that for miraculous good?  I have now set out to see what I can do from this bed to grow our saviors kingdom. I have a new place where I stay still for myself to learn to find the Joy Peace & Grace in the beautiful presence God created in being Still…. Can you hear it………

To be more amazing the Lord brought her back, she stop by on another day recently I was needing a dose of God’s Stillness and gave me a personal copy of; Jesus Calling by Sarah Young & Between the Tides by Patti Callahan Henry.  I am so thankful for the known grace of those who do Gods Bidding Gods Will without reservation.
Blessings wept out – Thank you God for your outpouring on me as I travel through this Valley you prepared for me.  Thank you for todays fall, thank you for the Losses, and the gains, thank you for the courage for the month of May and Thank you for the most amazing words from my Husband for Valentines Day, the furthered our bond deeper than it has ever been.
Blessings All~Jenn

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