Lord this is for Brayden –

I received this today from a dear friend~

Hey Ladies;

THANKS for your continued prayer for Hilary and Brayden. I just heard from Hilary. Brayden is worse. They moved him to the Respiratory floor where they can watch him closely. If he is not well by morning they will be moving him to ICU!! It’s very hard to watch him struggle to breathe so.
I responded with the only thing I know:
Do you need me to come sit with you or Pray with you or Braydens mom?  I am here!!!
God Please be with Brayden send your angels to hold and protect him – I believe this Jesus Make you Miracles Alive Now in Brayden We Believe you will!!!  In Your Heavenly name we humble ourselves before you asking for more lord, more we believe he has not yet served his purpose, may he wake up tonight breathing on his own and Braydens chipper self – for you can do all things – through you, Amen
I am and always will be a call away – do not care if it is 2,3,4,5 in the morning I am here!
Friends if you feel led please lift this family up – this is my Christian Book Club leaders Daughter, whose little boy (2) that is at the hospital.
We know that together we can join together through christ and make a difference.  Please join me in Lifting Him up.  Please comment your prayers so that I may send them to my dear friend.  She is such a strong woman of faith, for lesser woman would have fallen into despair at this place.  May we keep her uplifted and strong.
~Amen and Amen

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