Time to take a moment for strength.

Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

As a member of the “Faithful Bloggers” community, as well as Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG2)!  and partnering with a great website called “What Christians Want to Know“, I came across a very timely article, “25 Encouraging Bible Verses About Strength“, that I thought I’d share with my readers.  We are currently praying for a dear family we know who is going through an exceptionally difficult time.  If you would like detailed updates I encourage you to join the Facebook group here dedicated to praying for this precious family.

Bible Verses About Strength- 25 Encouraging Scripture Quotes

Bible Verses about  strength must start and end with God. It is the power and strength that comes  from God that carries us on. As Christians we need to surrender to the strength  that God provides and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. As you read …

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