All Things Created Equal


The doctor’s appointment went well, I am very excited as to what that may bring.  I have been surrounded by several Disciples of Christ and the Word stays very near.  The general thought and advice I have been given, is that I have to let this weight go, everyday – Good morning God, I didn’t expect this new thing to happen today, but you carried me yesterday, I confess I will make mistakes today but with your grace and forgiveness please carry me today.  They as hard words but yet simple – the hard part is the belief that you are a child of God who wrote these words into being long before we were a whisper in our parents minds.  I am Blessed to have a passel of friends who willing and want to pray, lay hands, and bring a guitar and worship with me.  I say please come, let us raise our voices to the one who will heal if that is his will or he will keep me strong if there is something else designed for me.  To all, Come I am here. I will share worship, conversation and love.

If you know me you know I love to read, Christian Fiction is my passion, thank you for the books, now that my eyes are working again I back to devouring them and so happy too.  I have a real passion for reading Christian Fiction, the art of God’s desires manifesting in the pen and paper of a willing disciple, and changing the hearts of many.  I hope that more books will enter my hands so that I may take in more of the love of God he has placed in the hearts of so many wonderful people to write and write again.  I think about all the time I wasted before I turned my heart to God – Yet looking back, when I was a non believer he used me for His mighty will – He knew I was going to Jump in February 2, 2002 – I had before my freshmen year of high school, but i don’t think I had any idea of what being acting like a christian really was, I had read probably 2 chapters of the bible.  Regardless when I jumped it was with both feet. I could not get enough of His love, His forgiveness for me, and the amazing things I learned each time I read the Bible, even the same passages.  Small Groups were the best, bringing me to a place of communion and active prayer. – This is when my love of reading all things about God happened.  Beth Moore Bible Studies, as well as Kay Arthur. Then my husband told be branch out after about one-hundred  books to learn about how to learn the teachings of the bible. I didn’t always have to read Non Fiction Christian, there was a whole world of books I was missing.

Okay that was a long tangent filled with wonderful information. Back to the reason I am writing, is that I am experiencing some new challenges, the appointment went well.  We have another appointment on the 22nd.  Their might be some possibilities to help me be more comfortable until one of two things happen – God heals me or the cyst gets large enough to drain.  So I will take each new symptom with as much grace as possible, then give it to God to take hold of – for he is mightier than we.



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