Doctors Appt. Tomorrow

The apprehension I feel about tomorrows appointment is to be expected.  First I have to get my mind ready to ride in a  car to 285 and Peachtree Dunwoody.  After that it is just an injection of a medicinal cocktail into my spinal cord to give me a taste of what an intrathecal pain pump would do.  They are scheduling my next MRI and have given us hope that is the MRI shows changes I might take my show on the road The Barrow Institute in Arizona.  Nothing to be nervous about.  So just go close your eyes and make it happen…  Thing is I am scared, the pain won’t cease, the leg won’t wake up, I cannot feed my family –  Nope not that road.

I am really excited for tomorrow it will be the next step in this adventure to finding the glory God wants to show me in this trial!  So for Him I shall sleep well, have my husband to lean on with any nervous or apprehension during the procedure and a firm believe that something positive will come of this,  Thank you for your prayer and love!  Each day I wake up knowing regardless of what my body has in store for me that day, I will leave it all at His Mighty feet.

Note – I haven’t started the blessing book yet, really ready just need a few more items and some hands that work with me:)

Remember to Love life to the fullest – Give to a stranger, a smile, a quant greeting or a helping hand.  Each act of kindness is reciprocated and passed on – all the things Jesus asked us to do when we became disciples.  Consider it All Joy!!!



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