Book Review of Aaron L. & Donna Dawson new book “Light under the House”

The Book was given to me complementary for an honest blog review.  This book gets three stars, because I am cut in the middle between. Is this Christian fiction, delving into the deep no Christian novel has delved with characters from the Bible.  Or is it a Demonic metaphor for the righteous rule that Jezebel desired for mankind – rather Womenkind? As this book travels a multitude of years and characters, you come face to face with incest, domestic violence, the plague of mankind and the disappearance of mankind on the earth. The book starts  in 841 B.C  then stops of in June of 1967.  Spends A bit more time in 1981 – this is where the heroine who was once saved from violence at a critical age of life, becomes the head servant  to the Queen Jezebel.  We then jump to 2005 – This is where we the transformation from what could have been, to a mass change in the societal hierarchy is formed.  Single mothers are immense, Patriarchs are of the past or rare and hidden, religion is truly tested.  I read this book with trepidation and hunger, wanting to know the end and yet wondering what it might be.  There are a poignant moment in one section that made me feel as if the heroine actually had a moment where she reflected on the actions that have come to pass, and whether or not they are the path she would have chosen.  Nathan, James, Stephen, Tanis, Luther, Ramon, John, and Isabelle.  let them lead you on a path of wonder and twists.  The authors made amazing artistry out of the twists and turns this novel takes – An amazing duo.  I will read this again, arming my mind with more information on the main illusive character also giving the Bible its due and really questioning the line this crosses – Question: is this secular fiction with biblical characters, or rather a christen fiction novel with great poise and tenacity to see what would have happened is the main unseen character never Succumb to an early death. – to my fans out their – take a chance read new, read old – just read!



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