Wishes and Dreams

Good Early Morning.  Sleep eludes me once again, pain causes many things and lack of sleep, good sleep is hard.  My road is heading forward, I will never dwell on the past or of the pain, I keep leaving those items at God’s feet, it is what he asked us to do.

I am ready to start scrapbooking again. I need to keep my hands moving –  an occupational therapy of sorts.  So I am at home wishing for stickers, paper and pins that are acid free for the albums.  I have seen some amazing items online but yet that will have to wait.  I need to spend wisely and I am very good with that for God provides.

I am so glad to say, I am able to read for about twenty minutes at a time now!!!  I love it!  It only takes patience and a large regimen of eye drops.

Tomorrow I will see what I have in the scrapbooking category  and plan my project – I AM GOING TO MAKE A SCRAPBOOK OF FAITH AND MY JOURNEY.  I have great  quotes for my Blessing Book from my posting here, Letters I have received so tender and kind and the many scriptures that have kept me going.

Tomorrow already sounds amazing – Thank God for that blessing May you all be sleeping sound with precious dreams –

For my author friends may God continue to use you to write amazing books – I plan to read all of them


Blessings ~ Jenn


One thought on “Wishes and Dreams

  1. I think a scrapbook showing your faith and your “journey” through this ordeal sounds wonderful. This way your children will understand what you have gone through many years later. It will be sort of an autobiography of your trials. Great idea!

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