2012~ The Ups the Downs & The Path God Opens

The Ugly:

If you didn’t know I have Syringomyelia – A cyst in the spinal column.  100% of them are maybe 2-3 vertebrae big and large so they place in a stent and drain them to relieve them.  I am 38 with a Syrinx that reaches from C1- S1 the who spinal cord, and they hope it will not enter the brain.  It is mall 2.5-3.5mm at largest point.

I cannot feel my right leg, my right arm if it is touched in any way sends an amazingly large amount of nerve “fire” through my veins that apex in the palm of my right hand. These along with losing 1.5 inches in hight due to bulged and annular tears in my lumber discs, I also have SI Joint dysfunction so my hips slide out of space causing pinching of mower nerves.

I keep offering myself up as a case study. Someone should want to write about me.  I so thought being at Emory I would have been near the best of the best. Well they sent me home to be comfortable until we find a direction to go.  The Cyst has to get larger to insert a tube to drain the cyst – the bigger it gets the worse I feel – odd trade-off.

The Blessings:

I am having my downstairs room remodeled – Thank you God for providing!  We are putting down hardwood so I can move easier in the wheelchair.  Doors on both entry points for some privacy.

have people I love doing the work, people still understand the food chain means so much – as my husband has to leave late for work he comes home late and I am not able to cook – you should have seen me determined to refill my lid covered water pitcher!  It would have spiked on YouTube!.

There is a storm brewing inside that is a perfect mask to my feelings.  God has my heart content and I know it will all work for His ultimate good.  In the current moment I need uplifting letters, little gifts that make me not sit and cry that my legs have been taken out rom underneath me literally.

I get kisses from my little ones each day! They also draw for me, what is better than that!!!

We are putting in a special place for my plants and the wonderful drawings and items i receive, I even have a little white board that I am learning quickly to use my left hand to write scripture on.  about five days ago I placed John 1: 1-2,14 it made me feel whole.  I also wrote a large statement of flaming this house free from spiritual evil with Christ as my guide.

My eldest child has started to become a shoulder to lean on – her love of God and her patience is amazing!  I am so glad that I have been blessed with the family I have~

The new symptoms are not little and I asked my doctor if we need to go ahead and do another MRI – with the way I talk and try to remember, my heart feels it has grown some, not enough to shunt it, but that it has entered the brain cavity – should I be scared, or just dwell in the Grace of our Savior?  How do I lift my spouse up so that he feels proud.  I keep asking what I can do, and the answer is always, take care of you and try not to fall again.

So we are walking into 2012 waiting for the ups the downs and the path God lays out for us.





3 thoughts on “2012~ The Ups the Downs & The Path God Opens

  1. You’re an amazing woman, Jenn! I am so sorry you are going this, but God is still using you to be a blessing to others through your posts. Your message was a blessing. I’m continuing to pray you. God bless you and your wonderful family:)

  2. Wow, Jenn all I can say is: you are a great women of faith. I have not had the blessing of meeting you, but feel like I already know you…..I met your husband when he was about I think, 14 years old. Deb and Ron had stopped into visit when they lived in Milwaukee, WI.
    Will be praying for you and your family.
    Ginny Butz

    1. Thank you. I have been blessed to have so many loving people around me that have mentored me, given me direction in the path of Faith. Once I found God and my relationship blossomed, as it continues to due He placed a strong thirst within me. I pray I give Him back my life that he has given me!

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