Family a new environment

The moment I found out I had a discharge date, two things attacked my brain simultaneously.  One part said, wow you made it you get to go home and be with the people you love and who love you.  A bliss of sorts. The other was scares, not  understanding how they could send me home the same as I came in, with added loss of another extremity. I realise that this is a unique situation and ij was in an acute rehab facility. That being said have more range of motion but i still don’t feel my right leg and i have the same hypersensitivity in th right arm. Or better said it really feels like fire, i  endure it for four weeks!

wow I am home and it is hard, hard watching with no ability to help, my husband feed wash dress the kids not only in the morning but in the evening as well. This hurts my heart and makes me less likely to ask for assistance.  It is one thing for a nurse come by when you pressed a button and help you to the bathroom, help you with your food,water,dressing, just about anything. that was their job they didn’t have the other jobs as well.

So I love being home, feeling the warmth of the sweet kisses only children can give, loving to answer the question”your not leaving,will you be here when I get home from school”  with a resounding  YES I WILL. so home is new, a little scary and daunting at times, but I have placed my faith in Gods hands, and he is still carrying me. We pray nothing additional falls my way. That this growing Syrinx cyst will grow to the size of intervention fast without additional weakness or pain.  I am a strong woman, but this is lying on my sympathetic nervous system, pain is likely.

I know God has a mighty plan for me, like brother in Christ Paul, may he use my brokeness to help glorify the kingdom of God.

It is time to rest, typing is much harder these days, especially seeing as I am right-handed and I am using my left.  Thank you again those that may read this. I pray you are blessed and washed clean by his blood.



One thought on “Family a new environment

  1. I’m very happy that you’re home and with your loved ones. They missed you beyond words and it seems as if your children are worrying a bit that you might leave again. They need your reassurance. Think about Christmas and the joy it will bring for your kids and sing Christmas songs. Music always uplifts a person, especially the one singing. Please know that I care and hope you get better soon.

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