Deliver Us From Evil – Robin Caroll Review

I read Deliver us From Evil for a Book Club.  I am very encouraged by the choice of books, that I had the pleasure to read tis novel.  This Novel is one of those that has made me a different person.  For the better in my life.  Robin has woven together a story about the darkness of Human Trafficking and the tangibility it has to each of us, that I had to stand back and ask myself if I to was missing something so close, that could help me to change the corse of so many’s fate.

Deliver Us From Evil takes us to the Great Smokie Mountains where Brannon Callahan is working as a search and rescue Helicopter Pilot – best at what she does, devoted beyond, that it has taken precedence in her life.  She is caught up in a Blizzard with U.S. Marshall Roark Holland, a donor heart with limited time and a government witness, comatose with the key to the missing pieces locked in his mind.  Her training becomes key as she is placed in a situation that could lead to her demise, the loss of the one chance at taking down the largest child trafficking ring in history in the middle of the Appalachian Trail.

From the first Chapter to the close you are not only rooting for Brannon but living her, breathing her plight.  Wanting to give her little tid bits of information you ascertained. This Novel is a Must read!!  It chases you to the end of your rope and then back again, begging you to turn the page fight the fight and learn to open your eyes and heart to God and the world around you a little more.   – This is a 5 Star Novel a wonderful work – I am better for it.  Find it 




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