A Story Behind Every Story

Just want to tell you today I am think about all the stories I have read in the last year, but regardless of that I am a changed person because of the love of the christian writers who have shared their stories.  I look forward to writing a little about each story here, let you hear how my life was changed, is changing because of the blessings of these books –

A few I am going to share – The Hearts Journey Home – Jen Stephens

– The Lightkeepers Daughter  – Colleen Coble

– Deliver Us Form Evil – Robin Carrol

– The Will of Wisteria, Savannah from Savannah, Savannah comes undone – Denise Hildreth

– Deliver Me From Evil – Kathi Macias

This Present DarknessFrank Peretti

I am ready to let you in on what books do for me….  not only do books take me to a special place that makes me stop thinking of pain, but these books have made a stamp on my heart.  We all know that God works miracles everyday, we are blessed if we see them.

This is because Gwinnett Church and Pastor – Jeff Henderson – That I have the courage to take this leap.  Also this last series When God? Was one of the hardest and best series I have ever seen http://www.northpoint.org/messages  Thank you.


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