An unexpected journey into the blessings of God Armor

This morning I was having my quiet time and my mother called.  She said with Dad in Afghanistan they were doing the bible study Hebrews.  That was exciting, for anytime my mom is in the bible it makes me happy – that goes for everyone I know including myself.  We have the same version so when she shared a verse with me I was able to read  a long.  We talked about writing in the margins and underlining passages.  I keep great passages that mean something to me in color, and if I learn something, I not only learn it then but i can come back and see it again. – We shared something very special and then I shared this with her.

This morning I was taking to God about Spiritual warfare and share thanked Him for the book by Linda Nichols “In Search of EDEN”  I am only on page 63 but this is what woke me up and prepared me for today The scene is a mother having her quiet time with God reflecting on her life, her husband that has passed and her family.  Mostly the campground they had to give up but she wouldn’t sell it was memories, and she was getting emotional.  I hope you hear what God said to me through these few words –

PG 56 – “Wait just a minute,” she said outloud. “I’, mot having this.” Somebody needed an attitude adjustment, and today it wasn’t one of a throng of children or one of her own boys.   It was she, herself. “Forgive me, Father for being so hopeless and negative. You are the God of all hope.”

She dropped the curtains, bowed her head and started the day over by putting on her armor, piece by piece. Beginning with her shoes.  “Thank you, Jesus, that I stand forgiven and cherished, firm and secure in the peace I have with you,” she breathed softly.   “Thank you that the belt of your truth holds me together.  Thant the body armor of your perfect righteousness covers and protects me. Thank you that the filter that protects my mind is the truth of my salvation, of who i am in you.  I pray your Word would come against every scheme of the enemy in my life and in those of my loved ones today Jesus.  And I thank you for the powerful shield of faith. I pray you would help me to stay under it.  Strengthen my arms to lift them up.  Put your angels around me, Lord.  Help me to pray in the Spirit today, and lead others for me”

Thank wonderful statement, wash off the thought of today being anything nut what God wants for us, and putting on the armor He has decoder for us and wearing so that we may in His name go forth and fight the battles that need to be one.

I see to it, brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the Living God.  But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you maybe hardened by sins, and deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:12-13

That is my scripture today and many days (Above) for we need to stay near our Christian brothers and sisters to keep us walking the narrow path.

May you each find peaceful dreams and a healthy family tonight. –

Love Jenn



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