Today in history 9/11/2011 – 10 yrs ago

Terrorist came to America to try to rattle of our cage.  Instead of being weak and being rattled we instead we bound together, millions hung flags on their homes and cars.  In corporate america where I was we as a company joined hands in a prayer for those hurting and lost, we prayed for the pentagon, the plane in Pennsylvania, we prayed for our families.  We went home, I went to stand in line at the elementary school to get to my daughter. Her school was in lock down, so all we could do was sit and wait and listen.  The quiet lack of sound of the sound of no planes in the sky, the world uncertain.  We came back STRONG and today on the 10th anniversary we can be proud that those who choose to harm us, are no longer and God will give His one and only justice to those who chose to frighten us, scare us and destroy the american fabric.  United we stand we are stronger today!!  May God Bless America, and may we continue to wave the flag with victory and honor.  I know I pledge to never forget that day and that I hope to be able to give my children a strong sense of pride for the country we are in!  May God guide us in any future acts of terrorism, and may they never touch our soil again.

~Feel blessed to be alive today and pray for those lost and left behind!!


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