Making a real change

Today I participated in Twitter Tuesday. This is something I do every Tuesday and I end up receiving coffee mugs and other cool prizes. You know me, Fun and Free. Well I Tweeted the person who puts on Twitter Tuesday Monday morning and said “Hey, what if we could do something different with Twitter Tues this week, like send our prizes, water bottles etc. to those who need them after Irene hit?”. Well She liked the idea and they ran with it today they offered anyone who won twitter tuesday could forgo their prise and they would donate $25 dollars to red Cross for each person who #Irene on there reply. She even mentioned my name as the person with the kind idea. I was very humbled. We were able to give shout outs of encouragement to the victims of this disaster and know that our words were also a gift to the Red Cross. If you don’t know Synovate, you need to. They are a above and beyond company with real down to earth values. Today was a good day!!! If you are on Twitter look up #Synovate and #MarieBrighton #TwitterTuesday.



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