Lots done today – Again Answers…..

I used all the courage I had – I even went to the little ones school after the procedures to get that love hug… you know the one you need to make sure you are really stable, that you can really stand on two feet.  So I made it home and then the day got more interesting, I got my blood results back, then the procedures that happened in the morning.  So basically everything.  The thing is that it all is too much, too much.  Now what – the Neurology appointment, the one that sets the big day for the puncture comes earlier, hubby worked is magic.  I am scared, alone I know I am not but I feel that way.  I just want to curl up under the down and scream.  the answers ask more questions and the test get harder to take. I think that days cannot pass fast enough, and the worst is that I am the one who keep falling and feeling unable to be me.   This is for all the people who don’t read my blog – you know for me.

Why is it the people you love are around you, the love and protect you they make life all it can be.  So here I am wondering why God puts me in the place where I cannot be the person I wan to be, and the people who could actually give some support are without the strength.  So I will walk though this battle of what and why asking how, and what can I do to change this, and where can I go to make this work, to be the best wife I can be.  I will overcome any obstacle.  I will create a way to be everything I need to be with all of the items that have presented them self to me in the last 24 hours.  Yes they are answers, but only answers for questions which leads me to this  – I am making this work watch me!




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