On my way to answers

Tomorrow is a big day, I am having my blood drawn and a complete physical by my primary care physician. Hopefully we can get rid of some extraneous items and leave the other more complex for the Neurologist to decipher in a couple weeks. I am getting very tired of waiting, but I have Faith!
I was told once, maybe a million times that God gives us Seasons, and in those seasons we are there for a reason, and they only last so long. My current season is a valley, but in that valley are amazing chances, circumstances and discoveries! How can someone know how strong they are until they are driven to the place of complete surrender? I am ready to learn. I believe that God is walking with me, that he is going to share something with me that was ment for me to endure and/or experience. I know that he uses all things for His glory, in that I know I am not giving up. Rather I am promising myself I will learn from this and grow.

I have grown already. Today connected a husband and wife on the phone. They are each in a hospital for different reasons in different places, and without me they would not have had that ability. It was a blessing to let them talk and to pray with them. That is teaching, faith and growth.
Tomorrow I feel is a big day for me. Please pray I am able to maintain stability, I am not able to have any food, water or medications until after the blood draw which could be close to 10am. I will be up by 6:30am. Just pray for lessend pain and endurance, and above all answers! Thank you my friends for taking the time to read the box I found to be on today! Blessings to each of you. – Jenn


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