John Grisham is coming out with another thriller based novel.  Were you hooked by the Firm, or was it his softer side of The Painted house?  My Grandmother-in-Law and I both love the painted house, seeing him step out to the main courtroom thriller to a down home novel.  Well John has a new novel coming out  this fall called the Litigators, this new book has suspense, a surprise twist – I know I love not guessing the ending!  That is the one thing that if an author can do well they will have me coming back and back again.  The Litigators also has suspense and a humors tone, before the book hits the shelve this fall go ahead and order it.  Why wait?  If you are like me would love to know that the day is arrives I can sit back with a cup of coffee and be taken to a wonderful place of human drama, go ahead and pre-order your copy! – This link will take right where you need to go to get set to open the front door to a new drama.

I love that because I am a Bzzagent and I have the opportunity to review real items and share them with others and then give honest feedback, that they include items such as novels.  There is such a large arena of people who walk into a book store of large mass market retailer and look at the over of a book and have no idea which one is the one that will fit their individual tastes.  I know, I have been there. The worst is purchasing a book and not making it past page 24. So I am glad to have this chance to give some opinions and recommendations on a few great page turners.

I never realized that John Grisham’s first Novel A Time to Kill went barely noticed.  It was not until he wrote the Firm that things flourished for him.  He went from selling copies of A Time to Kill out of the trunk of his car, to signing a screenplay for The Firm before the book was published,  That my friends is a huge leap!  I know that I have personally enjoyed his books, and the movies are also top notch and very closely matched to the book itself.  The Hit The Confession has the shelves in paperback as of July 19th, another great novel under Grisham’s belt.

This Fall NBC has picked up the Project The Firm via T.V. to be on prime time. Grisham is on board as a non writing executive producer and Lukas Reiter is the show runner, it is being sold internally and will be 22 episodes as a start.  John Lucas has been cast as the leas role of Mitch McDeere , Callum Keith Rennie as Ray McDeere and Juliette Lewis as Tammy,  Molly Parker will play Abby McDeere. Seeing as the Firm sold over seven million copies, I can see how excited the national television stations are to having this be a main part of their Fall line up. Looks like an all-star cast for a very fought, sought after Prime time series.  I know I will be watching it!!!

There are a ton of things you can do while you are waiting for the Litigators book you pre-ordered to arrive.  You can visit his Facebook page: John Grisham’s Facebook page , while your there you should go ahead and “Like: it  .You can also visit the John Grisham Playlist on YouTube and watch a wide variety of videos by and about Grisham.

As a part of being a BzzAgent I was able to choose between receiving The Firm, or The Confession.  I chose The Confession seeing as my copy of The Firm is well-worn from repeat reading.  Seeing as The Confession is came out in paperback July 19th, I thought you might like a little tid bit of information on the book, first The Confession won John Grisham’s Inaugural Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction.  This was marking the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mocking Bird.  Harper Lee found that fitting to annually award a work of fiction that best exemplifies the positive role lof Lawyers in society and their power to effect change. What an honor and amazing accomplishment to the volume of books Grisham has given.

The Confession

Published in 2010, The Confession is legal thriller about the wrongful conviction of football player Donté Drumm in the abduction, rape and murder of a cheerleader, and the longtime silence of the murderer, Travis Boyette. About nine years after the conviction, and just a few days before Drumm’s execution, Boyette decides to confess. He has an inoperable brain tumor and nothing to lose. The issue becomes: How can he convince everyone they’re about to execute the wrong person?

If you would like to read more about the paperback release July 19, 2011 of “The Confession”  or more about the book itself, please use the link below: