Come Take a Look – I Updated my “Jenn’s Book Corner”

Come take a look at what I have added to my book corner.  Please pass on any recommendations and any of your personal ratings.  I love reading; it is one of the things I use to cope with my chronic pain. They say that anything that will take your mind elsewhere is a gift.  I believe the Christian authors who have listened to the small and soft whispers of Christ and taken that and hurt, struggled, labored through the birth of each and every novel is the greatest gift I can receive to help me cope. I am blessed with eyes to see and to have friends who lead me toward christian authors both fiction, thank you Nora, and Non fiction, thank you Deitra.  My Soul has been rejuvenated by the blessings God has given so many wonderful people in my life.  May all that hear the whisper to write, never let that whisper go, never let the evil one keep you from God’s desire for you.  For all those like me who are touched by such works, never NEVER let a moment go by when you can tell that author what that story meant to you!!  I know there are many authors I still need to thank and several I can count among my sisters in Christ.  

Enjoy the List – Blessing to all my Friends.



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