Lets Start a Journey Together

Beach Time

We are at the Beach, Celebrating Pop and Grandma’s 60th Wedding anniversary!  I thought this would be a great chance to spend time with family and also try out the About.Me page I am using with BzzAgent.  I have found that although all my information is their to lead my friends, colleges and family to all the social media I am associated with that they action is not high  Therefore I am going to order and hand out the Moo Business cards with the great scanner technique and see if I can get eh people I am writing, sharing, reviewing and taking photos of to the correct people. Thant being said I have also e-mailed About.Me for their advice on haw to make your cover page really work for you.  I have sent out an email to my contacts to see if that will bring about some change.  I really believe that this site can be useful for stay at home moms who what to share information with family members in a unique quick helpful site, and also for the Jet setter that needs multiple links to several items in one simple place so that his or her work can be more productive.  I am excited to use this is both ways – This is wht I just sent to my family and friends about the About.Me Page, I am getting ready to really hit this hard and I really want this to work for me.:

"I set up my about.me splash page and want to share it with you: 
http://about.me/jenniferdove.This page gives you links to some of 
the most important things I am doing. My Blog-Jenn's little Box:),
I have been spending a lot of time therapeutically writing 
about wonderful and hard adventures in my  right now, and some 
very great opinions on items I am reviewing for companies like BzzAgent.
My Blipfotos account a daily diary of photos I am taking everyday - 
Their great and you know me with  The amount I take it is hard to 
pick just one a day. I am adding a photo album so you can se new 
photos of the family, and get a good sense of what is  
Happening in the Dove house hold. If you enjoy the Blog or 
any other link like Blipfoto, you cansubscribe and you will get 
an e-mail,when I have added information. Also I hope you 
take a look and tell me what your think - I lovehonest
feedback If you like this idea and think it might
make your world easier - you can get one for free at
~ME Hope you enjoy!"

I am looking forward to to the About.Me page working for good for me and my circle of Life.