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Today is the last day of the campaign for Trend Micro™ SafeSync a virtual über safe environment to keep your computer valuables with the ease of being able to access them on any computer at any time!  Great concept, beautiful interface. even an amazingly easy way to place your most important data in personally named folders.  This is probably the wisest move for all my friends that have ever had a computer crash on them, and they have either lost, their submission to a research grant or the others who only keep their six years of their babies memories in jpeg land.  That is something that once it happens once – you will do anything to make sure it does not happen again!!  I personally recommend this as a very viable option. Let me give you a couple answers to questions you might ask items that you might ask – what makes it special – it syncs your data on multiple computers, even your phone or tablet, it has a history log so you can jump to any “point in time” it has what they call multiple firewalls – I call it the SuperWall for your Special Stuff🙂  and it scans each file for viruses during file transfer encryption.  Hey the best part – they are going to the “CLOUD” and you know as well as I do we all want our items in the “CLOUD”.  So take a look let me know what you think, you can comment right here on the blog, and right now you can even get a discount on their very cool and user-friendly service.  THe user code is “BZZ20” and the link i trendmicro.com/safesync  sign up and save, just enter this code in the shopping cart/at checkout in order to receive the discount.  I am on board for a year and you know I take a million photos, and have had the Blue screen of death.  So I am excited to say, thanks to BzzAgent I have a safe secure way to keep my important items secure.  Its easy and safe.  Take a chance and let me know –   The box topic for the day!