I found myself on another box today – Cyberbullying

Earlier today I was asked if I knew what cyberbulling was, then I saw that Lynn Dove’s books ~Shoot the Wounded & Heal the Wounded ~ are listed as resources on the world’s largest anti bullying website http://www.bully.org.  This got me thinking, do people really know what Cyberbullying is real all about?  I define it as: 

Cyberbullying is the act of using social media to manipulate, humiliate and misconstrue individuals lives.  The act is private, aimed at a specific person, or type of person, it is fast can be streamed to another social media site such as YouTube to further inflict damage to a person or persons the Cyberbully chooses to inflect pain on.  Due to the ease of using cyber cafe’s and masking your ISP, the Cyberbully can continue to create a malicious to the point of domestic terrorist activity to their “prey”  I Pray we as parents, teachers, loved ones take the time to see what is really happening in the Social Media World the next generation cannot survive without.  I really hope we take this Nudge and make some changes in our responsibilities as parents, as friends and especially as the generation that has the chance to make a difference in the generation that will replace us.


2 thoughts on “I found myself on another box today – Cyberbullying

  1. Thanks for mentioning my books on your blog, Jennifer. My books are resources on the world’s largest anti-bullying website: http://www.bully.org There is a ton more information there about bullying, cyberbullying and ways that we as educators, parents and victims can prevent, help and report bullying incidents to the proper authorities. I invite all your readers to go there for more information. Again thats for mentioning my books: Shoot the Wounded and Heal the Wounded.

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