Food for Thought

I am always looking for ways to keep my kids safe, especially in the summer time when there are so many additional ways to find a”oops” and off to the doctor or worse the hospital.  My food for thought has been a growing plan, changing and metamorphosing as they grow and additional situations arise.  I am happy to say the basics are covered; my children know that the Sun is a wonderful amazing gift, but in order to fully enjoy it we must protect ourselves.  We use sunscreen, UVA/UVB swimwear, sunglasses – its amazing how many people don’t realize how kids and adults can get “Snow Blindness” from over exposure to sunlight without a protective covering.  Water is the motto, every day before during and after we play we hydrate, no need to add sugar, just water, ice and a whole lot of fun!  I love letting the kids help with the yard, planting our Fall garden was 75% all the kids job.  We show them the basic rows and where to place the seeds, and how deep – Off they go and today we have several plants making that wonderful appearance.  This in itself gives me the chance to teach my children about food conservation, eating healthy, agriculture on a macro scale and the reward of reaping what you have sown.  The children manage the compost, another great learning tool, water the grader, pull weeds and get dirty all while enjoying the outside, the sun and being safe.  I think the best way to look for ways to keep our children safe is to DO things that will bring about the opportunity to teach them what is safe and what is not.  If parents choose to just tell their children the “Rules about Safety” they are risking the chance that the children will not remember or not know how to properly execute the situation if and when it arrises.  Hands on learning lets the brain take the information in with all your senses giving your brain an added advantage at recalling that information when the time comes.  

I don’t know how to prepare my children for all the dangers that are bound to come their way, although I am excited to see them now saying things like:

Mom I need to have my Tennis Shoes, not flip-flops on if I am going to ride my bike, or go hiking

Mom do you know where the sunscreen is? I want to go outside and catch up with some friends for a bit

Mom here is the phone number of where I will be for the next few hours.  I will call or text in a few hours and give you an update

Mom I would like to prune some flowers for the dinner table tonight, can you please come outside with me and cut the flowers I am looking at?

Those are just some of the outdoor safety items I am proud that my children use and remember.  Keeping our kids safe is an ongoing ever-changing adventure.  My children are the greatest gifts I could have ever received.  Keeping them safe and letting them have fun is a job I never want to quit.

That is all my thoughts for today ~


One thought on “Food for Thought

  1. Awesome post! I couldn’t agree more. What a wonderful nurturing mother you are. I’m so very proud to be your hubby!

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