My history as a BzzAgent

I have been a BzzAgent for a few years now and have gained the Sweet Bee status and holding!  I have been accepted to 29 campaigns

1: OFF

2: Boston Market

3: Hallmark Mobile

4: Ultracept Antiseptic Handwash

5: Horizon Little Blends

6: Starbucks Pike Place Roast

7: Children’s Claritin

8: TrueCare

9: Publix Deli Kids Meal

10: Elmer’s Crafters

11: Tom’s Wicked Fresh

12: Carbonite

13: Dymo LabelWriter

14: Cell Phone Post Cards

15: Cheap Today.Com

16: HTC Windows 7 Phone Surround 

17: Covergirl 5oth Anniversary

18: Apptivo


20: Scott’s EZ-Seed

21: SCJ Smart and easy Spring Cleaning

22: Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

23: Flip Ultra Video Camera

24: Covergirl NatureLuxe

25: Barley There Dreamform


27: Glee The Complete 1st season DVD Set

28: Trend Micro SafeSync

29: Covergirl Lip Perfection

Each Campaign has been great, wonderful Bzz Kits, a great chance to try new products and give honest reviews.  I love the idea of sharing our Bzz on our blogs as well as on BzzAgents Facebook page and the normal Bzz techniques.  

My favorite Campaign is hard to choose, each has been fun in its own way.  I love that BzzAgent is expanding to Twitter and Facebook, the exposure is surly going to bring more campaigns our way.  To my Fellow BzzAgents, what was you favorite campaign… How many do you have now?

Favorite – Flip Ultra Camera – My family memories come alive in a whole new way

Keys –  I have 2 keys to use on some upcoming campaign, cannot wait to see what might pop up.  I am a daily visitor to both the webpage and Facebook page to see whats going on.

I am very happy a good friend recommended BzzAgent, it has been a great way to dive into some really fun discussions with new people/friends/family.  



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