July 8, 2011

The day was great!  The Shuttle found a small window and up it went.  It is funny how in tune I am with older feelings, I remember the smell sites and feel of the day the shuttle didn’t make it longer that 17 seconds.  Todays launch was flawless, amazing to me to have seen such amazing technological advances take place.  I pray the people who are the meat of the Space Program, find another job home that allows them to keep giving such amazing work to the american people.



Today was also Chic-fil-A Customer Appreciation Day! The family dawned our “Cow” attire and made way to the local CFA for some much-needed yummy food, conversation and complete family play time.  It’s been awhile for the whole family to be out like that and it felt great!  


The rest of the day has been filled with life’s little to do list: Laundry, Kitchen, Yard, Vacuum you know the like.  I did however work a bit today and even completed 75% of all the doctors calls I have to make.   I am still waiting for a cancellation for the Neurosurgeon, but at this rate I am just waiting:)  I will get there, I think that has to be my new motto. Do you ever wonder though……  I do, that is what sets it all apart for me; one moment I have the patience of a sloth, and the next a mouse.  I am ever wondering what God’s will is in this time.  Am I keeping my eyes and ears open enough to hear what he is speaking into my heart.  ~~For I am ever wondering if the tips of my toes and the nape of my neck will in-between be rectified yet~~





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