I have had a multitude of events happen this week.  Not every week is as eventful, but you never know what the Lord is going to lead you to experience.  My sister has had a trial that has given me inner strength to be there for my family.  My Grandmother continues her Chemo therapy and has never felt better, those are amazing words.  I had my Mom and Dad over a full afternoon and evening after my mother had a procedure and that gave me a new insight into the person I am, the person I was portraying and eventually the person I must become at all costs.  Oh and my husband visited the ER to have his little mishap put back together over his right eye.  God has told us he will never give us more that we can handle and in these moments I am tested to know that as a Truth, a known Truth not just an optional Truth.  Friends are the people we hold close to us, the ones that know sometimes more than your family. I have a friend who took a flashlight and showed me an area of my life I was keeping from Truth.  I was allowing it to be manipulated by fear and expectation.  I no longer want to have that darkness as much as that is going to cause me pain I agree in order to be free of confusion and murky waters this light must be one of the brightest!

I have had my last MRI for a while I hope, I am tired of having to lay flat on my back and hold still.  I do get a kick out of the techs who keep saying, “Your doing great”  I so just want to really tell them that I have climbed the mountain and I am holding the sun in my hands for the hurdle I have crossed.  As usual you keep those thoughts and so many others to your self and say, “great” right back.  The results are scheduled for Wednesday, we will see how that goes.  I am a find a  bit of a plot in all of this action – hmmmmm  do this , do that and perhaps we can have some sort of answer.  they still want me to see someone else about the Syrinx, i guess it scares them all.  All i know is that I am ready to just be Jenn again, if I even know what that is anymore. Enough with the Box.

Lets talk fun.  We have harvested at least three quarts of Blueberries from our bushes this year!  that in itself is worth shouting about. Plus the thought for the day is  – “You are stronger than you think for you are a reflection of He who is whole and without limitation” Heres to Monday!


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