A Day To Remember –

Short and sweet, BJ and I had an amazing day!  we got up early ran errands and well had super great family time together – We were planning on having my folks over for dinner, things got late and we decided to put it off for a few days.  That being said we browsed Costco awhile longer.  Today was the longest I have been out and about walking and such.  It was not easy, but with the grace of God I am doing well.  I think knowing the future holds answers brings me joy!  I ran into a great friend at Lifeway today, I really think God made that happen, we shared for a moment and we could see how our prayers for each other are being answered and God is so good!  After our wonderings we came home and were going to grill out for the family, but when BJ was taking the items from the trunk he tuned around and well gashed his forehead in. Something about BJ’s head and blood had us changing our plans.   This caused a dent in our plans and his head!  So we set Ellisa up with helping with Abbey and Owen and off we went in search of a doctor to stitch him up.  First we went to the clinic I had just called to ask if they do stitched, we were on our way – Closed blinds shut! Closed at 8 it was 8:07, “Thanks”  then we searched at 985 and spout springs, closed.  We were sent to Sardis Church and Spout springs near Reunion open until 9, got there and well they havent opened for business yet although the lights are on??  At this point we have visited the Drug store looking for butterfly stitches and anyone who could definitively tell us if her was going to scar.  – Big shout out to Wes and Jenny! – A nurse called us and said we had a six-hour window to stitch him up – so off we go large co-pay and all to North East Georgia Medical Center.  We got there about 9:30 – remember this is Date night now, we have officially spent more than an hour without our kids. They got us processed and sent us to the “Fast Lane”  lucky us!  we were register and good to go at 10:15, the PA came in at 11:25 and washed glued and taped BJ all together again!  He also got a tetanus shot….  Fun!  So on the way home seeing as we had PB&J for lunch at 12:30 we stopped at Waffle House near home to settle the tummy and give BJ a little love, his head hurt and his stomach was empty-  not the best combination.  Now we are home, everyone is asleep – I have tucked everyone in, said my prayers that we are safe and sound, BJ is okay!  Marking this day on the calendar!  6/18/2011 – Amazing Day for the Doves – I even found a heads up penny!! – Nite


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