Friday Night Family Night

Not only have we had our very usual friday Family Fun Night:  Pizza or the like, lots of tickling, running and all out horseplay.  We watched the Hub “Family Game Night” T.V. show – it’s fun larger than life games like sorry, scrabble, operation and the like.  We as a family savor Friday nights as our time together.  THere has rarely been a Friday we have not honored this tradition since it’s inception.  We missed Ellisa a few times with guard and the normal  High School events, but besides that we have had  a blast with our own Sorry game, the Wii and everything in-between.  I had forgotten how much fun Hide and go seek was a child – never once did I imagine how much Joy God would bring our family when we all hide under a blanket.  So here’s to taking a moment with your family on a schedule and getting down on their level.  It will make those memories that last a lifetime and also form a closer bond with our children that we could ever ask for.  Every Friday night as we carry the kids up to bed we have our prayer time and those prayers are the sweetest things in the world.  BJ and I have not had the ability to have date night in over three years now, but we have taken this idea out taking a scheduled time for family and it has fulfilled us in so many ways.  In everything we see God’s blessings, the children are adjusting to Dad being gone now all day and me at home, having our special “Night”.  BJ also gets every other Friday off, so we make it a Friday Day instead of just Friday night.  I highly recommend re-thinking the art of hanging out with your babes.  Just sitting on the floor, on their level and saying what are we doing tonight, and regardless of what it is doing it, Life is 110% more amazing and 110% more filled with the Joy God wants for each of us! –


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